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I recall having one of these things along with two primes (can't recall which) and the zoom. It was one of those things where in retrospect all I can say is that it looked like a good idea at the time :)

I suspect I purchased this thing just because I enjoyed Pentax SLR's at the time.

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BackToNature1: This would be cheap for MF if not for the fact that the sensor is now what, over 8 years old or more? Nor can we discount the advances made in FF sensors over the last 8 years. Actually, more than a few folks think this is now overpriced because of those advancements in FF opposed to the age of this MF sensor.

I guess one could see niche users buying it for certain reasons. Other than that, why not pony up the additional 2 grand an buy the GFX 100S?

“Other than that, why not pony up the additional 2 grand an buy the GFX 100S”

Because it costs an additional $2000 ? 😳

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As many problems as the world has and they pick this to worry about?

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This strikes me as a perfect example of what the expression HUH? was coined for :)
Actually, I tried to enter a different three letter phrase almost as commonly used and it got censored :)

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As an aside, note that I have not criticized anyone else's personal choices or questioned their judgement, just stated a personal opinion.

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I'm just not the proper demographic for this. Probably because I'm 73 and generally grumpy :)

I realize this is just the ticket for extremely large numbers of consumers and wish them well. I just happen to be solidly in the minority on this one.

My iPhone 8 provides completely adequate text, email, voice, internet access when necessary, and a camera sufficient for anything I'm likely to use a cellphone for photographing.

When I want a camera I purchase a camera. Frequently and generally one expensive enough to annoy the wife :)

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I hope they have better software support for this thing than they do their NAGA Chroma 12 button mouse like I'm using. I had to use a 3rd app (Steermouse) to get it to work.

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I just purchased one of these at a discount and am wondering if it is being discontinued. It was $400 including the center column and a K-30 ballhead. I have personally found it very sturdy and am very pleased.

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For me at least, a 'back-to-basics' way of shooting would probably be something a bit less than $6000 :)
Cosmetically, I find the design very attractive. If that were my major criteria I'd probably be all over this thing.
If you are highly involved in the immediate posting to social media of your snapshots, this might be an interesting high end solution. As I have no personal interest in posting to social media the major selling points of the device are probably lost on me. For what I have seen displayed on social media the few times I've bothered to look, I'd think a cell phone would be a better solution.
A complete redesign of the feature set contained in a body this interesting would be required before I would be a buyer, even at a fraction of the price.

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I would probably not us this.

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I've still got one of these I bought new. I don't use it anymore, but the last time I checked it still worked like new.

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