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Mike FL: "No obstacle avoidance system" = it could hit some one = big liability

That's why they say to have the drone in line of sight, plus the chances of get an eye gouged out is very very slight. It would be like getting hit on the head with a golfball or baseball. The props on the Mavic Mini are feathery light and I have come in contact with trying to hand catch and no cuts at all, plus it just felt like someone was lightly tapping me really quickly. I'm not saying it can't happen and one should fly ANY drone responsibly. Your odds of getting seriously injured is the same as getting hit by lightning meaning not very great. This is my first drone and I like the Mavic Mini even without obstacle avoidance as fly in an open field or judge how high an obstacle is doesn't take a rocket scientist.

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henrikbengtsson: Nice camera but Sony needs to get over the hipster form factor, at least on their pro models. Sometimes, bigger IS better. It's about balance and ergonomics. It's not the 90's anymore where anything smaller was considered cool and latest high tech.

When I first bought the Sony A7RIII camera and a little later the Sony A9 the first impression was how small it was. I'm the type of person who really doesn't care too much about the camera body's ergonomics just as long a the buttons aren't in weird locations. If you want the Sony Alpha cameras to be a little bigger then buy a battery pack or an extension the problem of it being too small will be fixed for most people in my opinion.

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Mariano Pacifico: Sony is focusing on pros because hobbyists do not upgrade camera bodies as often as new ones come out and lenses for pros because they are bought by their agencies no by the photographers.

That is just your opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion. The Sony A9 is winning me over and I consider myself a high end enthusiast when it comes to camera gear. Now don't get me wrong I would love to try other cameras especially the Nikon D500 (A DSLR) as I heard it is a great camera capturing BIF images. The sad part is I'm not made of money as most people are when it comes to photography.

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cxsparc: All those posts about the fee of 1400 USD being too low for serious work.

I don't intend to hurt the pride of any professional photographer, but when I compare the required training and equipment to a medical doctor or an engineer who earn 50 Euro max per hour after years of costly education, this whole business is overcharged. Furthermore, 1400 USD is a lot of money for many US and European citizens to spend only on photography.

In certain countries the wedding celebration goes over the top in Holly/Bollywood fashion, and drives some close to ruin. Strangely, the amount of money spent on the party does not appear to correlate with the success rate of the marriage.

I'd rather prefer a photog being present as integrated friend unobtrusively observing and recording the moments of real life and real persons, like Kim Smith-Miller does.

You $50 Euro / hour as a Doctor is guaranteed unless the doctor is lousy at his job and is about to be fired; whereas, a wedding photography has to actively search to get wedding gigs. The wedding photographer has to buy all his photography equipment, when is the last time you heard of a doctor buying a scalpel or renting an OR? Some people go into debt over weddings as it is besides the cost of the wedding photographer. If you can't afford the wedding the couple should lower their expectations or not have a wedding. There are photographers that probably work for lower rates, but it's people like this that makes it hard for couples to find. I don't do wedding as I don't have the patience or temperament to deal with photographing a wedding. I rather be sitting in the woods waiting for wildlife to come to me as it is more relaxing.

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Aroart: This will be the death of go pro...

Personally I think the Go Pro and the DJI Osmo Pocket have two different audiences. Go Pro more for Action and Osmo Pocket for what I call artsy video and podcasting.

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