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Koemans: Typical canon; first releasing a wifi module that costs more than 600 euros. When no one buys it, and the competition releases cameras with gps and wifi build in you release a 40 dollar version and pretend you care about customers. Remember people, this module only got released because the competition forced them to.

Wow, I didn't realize their previous module cost that much. That is insane!

I'd love to see wi-fi in body across the product line; it's a shame the technology isn't there yet. /s

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barrym1966: so whats the difference between this and the WIFI SDcards that have been around for several years?

Yeah, being able to remotely shoot family portraits from my smartphone (or even laptop w/o the USB tether) is a welcome addition to the 7D Mk II. (I realize that this feature was already available to the wifi-equipped 70D.)

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wetsleet: Would it not have made more sense to make the wifi card CF shaped, as most people will have loads of SD memory cards they want to use for storage, but not so many CF cards of decent capacity.

I might have asked the same question before I purchased a 1066x CF card for my 7D Mk II earlier this year. The answer is that high-speed CF cards offer significantly higher write performance than comparable SD cards, which is critical for burst shooting (think: action shots). Since purchasing my CF card, I only have used my SD card as a back-up, as I have been using the USB cable to transfer files.

As much as I think this should have been an in-body feature, I probably will end up buying one on sale at some point in the future.

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (85 comments in total)

I'm confused as to why _all_ 61 points aren't cross-type, as they are on the 7D Mk II. I did see that it's the same system introduced in the 5DS/R. Does it predate what was developed for the 7D Mk II?

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On photo F1.4_01IMG_5736 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (8 comments in total)

Great photo! I love the composition and narrow DoF.

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On a photo in the Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art (Canon) preview samples sample gallery (8 comments in total)

Great photo! I love the composition and narrow DoF.

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On article Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers (126 comments in total)

Terrific article! Even as an amateur, I really enjoyed it. Big thanks to JL and DK for graciously offering some of their time.

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This really is an amazing achievement, considering all of the factors: development time, distance, communication bandwidth, hardware robustness, etc. It wouldn't take much to render this project a failure, but they stuck the landing and their getting images back. Great job, NASA and co.!

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