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On article CP+ 2015: Fujifilm shows prototype roadmap lenses (78 comments in total)
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Rod McD: I'll take interest in these lenses when they make it to availability - they all appeal in different ways to what I do......

I'm pleased to see the 90mm looking a bit trimmer than the first prototype they showed at Photokina. A 62mm filter thread seems a bit more plausible for a 90/2 than the 72mm of the earlier one.

I think the 120/2.8 macro is going to need a tripod foot. It's a long lens in the physical sense and the specs suggest it'll be a relatively heavy one. Put that on the matched 1.4X extender or extension tubes (or both) and it will exert a fair bit of leverage on the tiny fixing plate of Fuji camera's tripod socket.

If it's 62mm I'm all in. If 72mm, I'm on the fence. Surely it will include a tripod ring, I can't expect Fuji would overlook such an important feature.

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On article Fujifilm X100S Review (492 comments in total)

I'm an X100 user and a huge fan of that platform. IN fact, I've always been a Fuji fan because they march to a different drummer with so many innovative cameras, especially medium format and panoramics. Not into DSLRs due to bullk, weight and mirror slap. I just bought a new black X100S at what I consider a very attractive price ($450 below the original release price). Sold the X100 for half that. Let's say I'm not an early adopter. Next will be the X-T1 (or perhaps the X-Pro2, we'll see) with the 14 and 56 lenses and I'll be set. The 23 F/L will be satisfied with the X100S plus I'll have a second body just in case. The only reason I would consider a DSLR is to use the 24mm tilt-shift lenses but am hoping the DOF on the 14 will get me what I need for landscapes. If I need a 24mm Canikon tilt-shift that bad for a big trip, I can rent. Onward and upward Fuiji!

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On article DPReview Gear of the Year - Part 1: Fujifilm X100S (303 comments in total)
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Vizio Virtù: I'll never understand for what reasons people are so enthusiastic about these crappy mirrorless cameras. OK, they look nice but image quality - especially skin tones and skin texture - is so bad.

Bad skin tones and texture? No way. I would say that from an imaging standpoint, skin tones are the #1 strength of this camera. I have a 1 year old grandchild and it renders his complexion just beautifully.

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I am a X100 owner and really liked the camera to begin with but now am delighted. I've never bought a used digital camera but used to almost only buy used film cameras. I'd say go for the X100. The new firmware works great, the IQ is outstanding and they can be had for $500, at least that was the price before the FW 2.0 came out. To me $500 for a camera that good is a steal.

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chooflaki: Well Nikon Rumours now say it will be a with a pentaprism, so still a DSLR of sorts. I wonder about the motive of Fuji with all this. Perhaps shoring up the confidence of users to lead up to an all new Xpro 1 replacement coming soon. With a lot of new high end cameras coming out, Fuji will be left behind if they don't act. The x100 firmware update has been welcome for me. Like having a new camera.

Specs look good. Weight is surprisingly heavy @ 1-2/3 lbs. Problem is Nikkor full frame lenses are so big and heavy, this won't be a small rig. Still, gotta love this competitive market driving a flurry of innovations from multiple manufacturers. Can only get better.

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