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  • Except that the G9 is much faster camera and will kill the A7II in video quality. It has 4K 60fps 150M pbs vs the 1080p 50Mpbs with A7II.

    Different league entirely.

    FF sensor also requires to...

  • Focus shifting seems to work with the latest version of Tamron 90mm macro too.
  • I have the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art for D850, and is definitely great lens even wide open. Perfect lens for high resolution sensors, but may need focusing adjustment with the Sigma dock.
  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    As I told, it is unfortunately not as wide as Canon's version. Also, the lack of similar lens mounting brackets makes it not ideal for perfectly aligned shift and stitch operation.

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review


    There's really not much lacking with the Canon TS-E 17mm lens. One of the best lenses ever for interior and architecture. Certainly sharp enough for professional use. It's quite...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    I disagree about the built in flash. It's recycling time vs power output was way too long compared to external flashes... so framerate dropped to very slow. Not much use for serious shooting.

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    Need for lens calibration and accuracy issues is like achilles heel of the PDAF in general. Sensor based focusing is more accurate but sadly Nikon's AF solution is slower than competition.

    I just...

  • Only if you need to pull the shadows.

    In the meanwhile Canon lens lineup is getting better and better. Five TS-E lenses now in total and 85mm 1.4 IS USM. Its not just camera you know...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review


    Yes, middle apertures are usually the worst, but stepping down doesn't help always. With the D810 I've seen moire often even with f11, and don't want to use much smaller than that.

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    I agree 100% with you. Landscape photos might benefit of extra detail, but otherwise I don't understand the lust for removing AA filter. Omitting AA filter creates too much post-processing...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    In my country it is currently 3995 eur for D850, and 3260 eur for 5D mk IV, so completely opposite situation.

    Luckily was able to pick 5D mk IV & battery back combo for 3150 eur in June. Very good...

  • Few more stops? I was talking about 5D mk VI which is at most 2/3 stop behind D810. Not several stops. You should update your knowledge.

    Removal of AA filter is not always good because there's...

  • I believe D850 too has touch focus. But without DPAF it will be slower.

  • 5D mkIV is very fine camera, and has true Wifi (no gimmicks), GPS, DPAF with excellent IQ and decent DR. Canon lens lineup is at the moment best in the market IMO.

    D850 has basically more...

  • I guess you could shoot with the 25MP RAW mode then, and enjoy other improvements like better AF and much faster frame rate.

  • Not that far behind. I find the 5D mk IV very strong performing camera overall.

    Excellent image quality with very good dynamic range, DPAF, fully functional Wifi, GPS, 7 fps speed. With this lens...

  • High resolution sensors show easily small blur even with higher shutter speeds.

    IS and weather sealing makes this perfect lens for portraiture outside the studio.

    Canon really has a killer lens...

  • Of course they claim so... but in reality it's just matter of detail size, pixel size, lens sharpness and aperture.

    So higher density helps when there's moire present with lower megapixel camera,...

  • Yeah, and that's the exact reason for my opinion :D

  • Extra resolution is not that bad, but removal of sensor AA-filter is IMO not that good idea for portraiture & fashion.

    Without it, there's very often moire somewhere in clothing or hair. Skin...

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