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My efforts to improve the photos I use in business has become an artistic interest, and I am joining this site to improve my skills.

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  • When I look at property from the car, I take a picture of the property, the sign if there is one, and last I take a pic of the navigation map in the car.  You could do the same with your phone and ...
  • Yes, that could be another one worth taking a chance on. As one who is less of a technocrat than most on these forums, I get more irritated by quirks. I have been amazed by the ease with which I ...
  • They have, but Canon has done better. By off brand, I mean brands other than Canon or Nikon.   Per sales and selection no other company comes close. In my personal experience as well and my ...
  • Replied in Lens for 70D
    Assuming you are talking about a normal zoom for general use, there are only 3 that I would consider. The new 18-135 is the longest. The 15-85 is the widest The 17-55 is the fastest. All are ...
  • Nikon, without question. No other company has the selection of lenses, flashes, and accessories.  If you only do one kind of photography with a particular camera, then other brands can be great. As ...
  • Replied in How do you
    Maybe a hermetically sealed glass case with LED lights and blue velvet?
  • Replied in How do you
    Just leave it loose ready to go.  Put the lens cap on if it's a good lens. It will be fine.
  • These complicated focusing systems give me a headache.  I don't have one, but I've played with the advanced cameras and their convoluted focusing systems and the joy sticks and whatever. I just set ...
  • Of course the magnificent we are curious what the lens is.  Obviously that was your objective to stimulate curiosity.  Why else would you say there was a lens you were underwhelmed by but won't ...
  • Replied in POST
    If everybody did that we would have some much smaller forums.  Potentially less humorous too.
  • If you're using a crop body, the Canon 35mm f2 IS is the equivalent to 50mm on a full frame.   The Canon DSLRs and lenses are bigger than the Sony mirror less cameras and lenses.  There may be no ...
  • Replied in TEXIT
    Very interesting how different the reaction is to California seceding than to the idea of Texas seceding.
  • Just chimp and re shoot with a lower exposure until you get the look of the window that you want.  I then throw out all but 3 exposures and use Photomatix on them.
  • Absolutely true.  But the information is available and interesting to obtain.  The experts in real estate don't know as much as they want you to think they do.  Much of real estate is common sense. ...
  • Fine.  Let's assume he is totally honest and acting in what he believes to be your best interest.  He will still have a bias based on his education and experience, especially when comparing one ...
  • I have to disagree.  Even and advisor that you pay by the hour is going to have a bias and a specialty. I don't believe in the concept of objectivity.  Everyone has a bias in everything they say.
  • I don't have any problem talking to professionals, but each will steer you toward their specialty, so in deciding among different types of investments, one needs to solicit a lot of opinions and ...
  • Replied in The worst thing
    When I first got into real estate, an old timer told me that the worst thing that can happen to you is to make money on your first land deal. As crazy as that sounds, there is some truth to it. ...
  • Those 1.8 Sigma zooms are appealing.  If I stuck with APSc and got another body, that would be a great indoor/low light combo.  Even just the wide one would be a perfect party lens.  I've read ...
  • I have the same Sigma lens that you have.  It is my least favorite lens.  I recently made a bid on a Canon 17-55.  I didn't win it, but that's where I'm headed in APSC.
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