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  • Might have better luck here: ACDSee forums
  • This doesn't cover two? ACDSee number of users per license
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    I must have been unclear because that was exactly the point I intended to make.
  • ACDSee STD (DAM-Lite, but database driven) is around $30 on sale (what I paid). Works for my needs, at least for that outlay. BTW, I tried AbeMeda and it definitely wasn't for me.
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    AP is primarily a pixel editor that just happens to also do Raw conversion inputs, whereas PS depends on another utility (ACR). So, a more accurate comparison is probably: (DxO + AP + DAM) == (LR + ...
  • You can add a DAM today for as little as $30. Many people think it's not a bad idea to keep the DAM separate from the editors, anyway...
  • It seemed clear to me...you weren't the one that changed to Subject line to "crap"? Please take a look at the following and then it will be clear that "crap" is not really warranted. Raw converters ...
  • > Things may have improved since ... Shadow processing - ACR vs Affinity - five months ago
  • The definition of DAM has different meanings to different people. How do those companies view their multi-K software pkgs compared to $119? apples-apples? Note: ACDSee is regularly on sale while ...
  • Just adding the asterisk that, in terms of DAM only,  iMatch is 4X more in cost than ACDSee (STD) though iMatch is arguably on a higher plane in terms of DAM functionality.   Personally, I much ...
  • A little strong as results and defects are two different things.
  • "I wish I had never wasted my money on Luminar."

    The trial versions don't work for you?

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    Criticizing AP for not doing parametric (raw) editing is no more relevant than criticizing Photoshop for the same perceived lack of functionality. Photoshop needs companion apps for this capability ...
  • Funny, ihorv0 had the exact same response. I license at least five other editors that take Raw as inputs and do not do parametric saves. Since AP is primarily a pixel-based editor it appears this ...
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    Yes, we know that.  However, if one cannot get WB within the correct ball-park the first time maybe one needs to up their PP skills. You do this frequently do you?
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    In that case, you needn't concern yourself with AP and the rest of us will carry on somehow.
  • True, but the AP bashers don't seem to follow the same logic when commenting on AP.
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    They mean that once your Raw editing session is complete and you "Apply" it then the result is rendered into a pixel-based image and your Save options going forward are Tiff, Jpeg, etc. (Tiff is a ...
  • a) Not true...several other raw converters don't save Raw edits. b) It's not a big deal; just save in Tiff or use another Raw converter like free DxO or perhaps ACR...that's what Photoshop does. c) ...
  • "barclayweb28" for 20% off through 9/3/18.
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