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  • I had actually done a few already with it, but wanted to make sure it was safe before really hitting it. Thanks again!
  • It covers most of it. I have it attached to a step up filter. I used electrical tape to seal the edges off so no light comes in. I'll be keeping watch for signs of falling for sure! Thanks for the ...
  • Is it safe to shoot the eclipse with a 300mm lens with the certified eclipse glasses over the end of the lens? I won't look through the viewfinder, just live view and actually shooting.

  • Created discussion thread Eclipse Shooting through Glasses
    I just wanted to make sure here, as I couldn't find anything on it online. I had an extra pair of eclipse glasses. (certified safe by NASA) I want to shoot the eclipse with my camera, so figured I ...
  • And I mention that because I just noticed it in your signature! lol
  • I think I like the way you did it. No time limit and just contact them a year or two later to see if they'd like a new shot. It is still sounding like they may want more later, but even if they ...
  • They are willing to let me shoot more on, in and around the hotel, so I think that may be a good sign. They see like nice people though I've only spoken with them through email thus far. I will be ...
  • I guess you're right. I'm not asking them on a date, and at the end of the day I don't really rely on the money they'll give me anyway so no harm in asking. If they approach me again I will handle ...
  • You'd almost think they did that on purp- oooooh. Yes, I see! :D

  • I recently switched to Verizon. I wanted the Z2 play, but couldn't get 4 gb of ram with it. I ended up getting a Google Pixel XL. I wish this had been out, an am wondering if they will run deals...

  • **I mean, you don't just ask them how much they would pay for it right? Isn't that tacky? (I've never sold to anyone outside family and friends so I really don't know how the industry sees that ...
  • So, I did read this too late to take your advice. I have had many people agree with the gentleman above who said to get my foot in the door. That is what I ended up doing, but I am curious. You ...
  • Replied in Looks OK
    Awesome! Thank you SO much for the help! I am selling them the rights to web use and print. I did go cheap, (but the picture was never intended for sale anyway so it's a lot more than I was gonna ...
  • I feel the need to reply to you again. We have come to a deal. I'm doing the photo, and they will sign a property release (I think that's what it is called) but they are signing a contract saying ...
  • Thank you! That seems to be the general consensus. Cheap to get in the door with hopes they will contact me again in the future. Does this look like a good template. ...
  • While I don't agree with the first part, the second was very helpful!
  • Thanks for the help.
  • Thank you! That helps a lot!
  • And to be clear, I'm not looking for straight pricing. Maybe just ballpark. Really just advice. If anyone would like to DM me with how they would price that would be fine. I'm just a noob with a ...
  • Yes, I am in the US. It isn't a big national chain hotel, but it is a large private luxury hotel. No nuclear power plants here. (That I know of) :D
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