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Nice field of entries as usual. Sadly after following the Awards for many years, the topics are the same, death, suffering and destruction. All in the usual places. Great photos, showing the sad reality facing too many people.

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its a ricoh grx ? hheh

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Ceesprof: I one find a marriage so expensive, one can decide not to marry.

Try getting divorced, its much more expensive

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Its economics isn't it, pay how much they want, or end another photographer, or get a friend, or don't bother...

Pay your money and make your choice

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Lyteskrybe: Not surprizingly, the Olympus XZ-1 with its Zuiko has the best lens and that's evident in dpreview's widget test-shot comparisons available in its review. The glass is always of utmost importance when it comes to making good photographs and Olympus/Zuiko has always been the most consistent in that department. The rest is just a light-tight box with processing bell and whistles more or less.

thi sis the first good thing i have heard about this camera

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Tom Cody: Oh no, the adult film industry is next. I'm pretty sure I have seen the same scenarios over and over. Copyright infringement!

yeah, the..., followed by the... then the ...., finally the ....


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diy: What is concluded here

is what we worried about:

"My worry is that this sets a precedent like you see with British libel law, whereby it's extremely easy to allege, and difficult and expensive to defend, which causes many companies to fold rather than fight."

thats the problem...easy to allege, expensive to defend

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Doesn't look like a copy or close copy to me...

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