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User1234567890: This image show all off center.

Samples on gsmarena are awful.
Way worse than 11 pro max.

The sensors are probably aligned to the lens ports. The issue with radiographic systems is the short distance between the x-ray tube focal spot and the image receptor. This causes a noticeable distortion due to the divergent x-ray beam from the point source. Which would cause the sensors to appear to be not centred.

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Tim O'Connor: Amazing that none of the reviewers seem to pick this issue up...

"We experienced a similar issue with a pre-production camera earlier this year, but have not replicated the problem with two production samples of the EOS-1D X Mark III currently undergoing testing at DPReview." Taken from the article. I think they did know about it but not replicated as per quote.

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Dragonrider: Always good to remember that whatever he does, somehow, some way, Elon is using your money to do it. :-).

@ Dragonrider, Elon's tentacles to accumulate more wealth is spreading here down under as well. Debatable or not his battery storage for domestic/industrial energy, cars... is present. Yes our tax dollars either at a Federal or State level is finding it's way to Elon's Tesla Company. So you are correct he is in effect siphoning off money from the private sector and the public purse. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-19/sa-big-battery-set-to-get-even-bigger/11716784

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John Crowe: Lets hope for the 45MP, though I see no reason for it not to be 50, and anywhere from 10 to 20 fps. My 5DSR may still be my last camera though.

Fair point. I had the 5Ds and wasn't impressed by the poor DR. I'd rather 45MP over the 50 if the DR is improved upon and matches the Sony sensor in light sensitivity in the shadows. Looking forward to the new R and maybe it's the mirrorless camera body Canon users have been waiting for. In theory the rumours have many improvements, but as this thread says they're only rumours. Maybe more information will surface on the sensor itself and we maybe pleasantly surprised.

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Let's hope some rather large flightless birds don't take this due their insatiable yearning to hatch the drone and won't they be surprised when it does!

Anyway looks pretty cool and will be interesting to read the review when in production.

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GiovanniB: Aircraft turbines must already be resistant against bird strikes to some degree. For example, they are tested by throwing frozen chicken or geese against them while at full RPM on a test rig. The turbine will be damaged but it must not disintegrate (no uncontained engine failure should occur). I suppose the damage caused by a multicopter the size of a DJI Phantom or smaller should not be tooo much different but I see it makes sense to test it. Maybe in a few years, Rolls Royce, GE, P&W etc. will have to shoot drones in addition to chicken onto their test turbines.

Btw. regarding velocity, if the drone approaches the aircraft at full speed head-on, the airspeeds add up ... so the 500 mph is maybe not totally unrealistic.

@GiovaniB, I can't imagine the chicken or geese being frozen when testing possible jet engine failure. Bird ingestion testing is done by using birds not of this world (no longer living) but at a pliable sate or not frozen. You may as well throw a brick into a powered up engine as the frozen chicken has the same solid state.

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On photo Lightning dancing on the ocean in the Lightning bolt challenge (14 comments in total)

Very nice capture. Is this a single image of 78 seconds or a composite of multiple images stacked? Either way magnificent image.

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On article DPReview TV: Drone photography in the Faroe Islands (111 comments in total)

Great and informative video. Nigel's first part of the video asking drone pilots to respect where you are flying and how it may affect others is important and kudos to him. I have had a negative experience with an anonymous drone pilot not caring that he or she were flying in front of a group of photographers (me included) who had trekked to a difficult location only to have a drone fly directly in front of our view point. Did manage to clone the drone out of most of the images. Even from that negative experience this video does give you the yearning to try such a different perspective using a drone.

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Has anyone had a word to the selfie primate that made headlines a little while back? Best he not pursue his photographic career being a poorly rated job, even though he would have been willing to work for peanuts and the odd banana!
On a more serious note. It seems the value of an image in the market place, even though it may have been taken by a professional and of good quality has hit an all time low. Maybe media outlets are happy to pay a one off fee to use an image of possibly poor quality but showing 'that' moment that a career photographer couldn't. On Flickr recently they allowed free use of Pixsy which scans the web for people using your images without permission. Thought I would give it a go to find if anyone is using my images even though you can't officially download them. I was surprised how many sites were using my images even though they were low resolution screen captures. If this is going on how is a pro going to survive?

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I think they've been exposed to too much "root of a madder plant". When the effects wear off they will see so many "holes" in their plan. Couldn't help it, had to be said :)

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Lee Jay: Question 1: Which of the following is most capable of covertly invading your privacy?

A) Drone with wide-angle camera
B) 10 power stabilized binoculars
C) Digital camera with long focal length lens
D) 11 inch telescope

E) Drone with modular camera zoom capability

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On article Manfrotto launches a trio of new center ball heads (38 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: Still no Arca plate.

They do have Arca plate.

Link | Posted on Oct 9, 2018 at 05:40 UTC

Wow, I was brought up to respect and value those around you, in a social, private and work environment... No matter what gender, race, age.... Now of course this is a two way street with respect and value to be shown to one another. Yes it all may sound a little warm and fuzzy but it seems some of the research for young photojournalists (both male and female, though statistically it seems females are more represented in this report) starting out in the profession shows an abuse of their rights to feel safe in their work environment. It's wrong and no matter how some in this comments section want to SPIN it, it's unacceptable.

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user colin: "British Tripod Manufacturer, 3 Legged Thing"
"Manufacture": make (something) on a large scale using machinery.

Their website however only claims "British Designed & Engineered" and the owner's blog posts admit they outsource manufacturing. So, their tripods are no more British Manufactured than Apple's phones are US Manufactured. I have no problem with this approach but one needs to be honest. They design tripods and market them in a distinctive manner. The Chinese manufacture them.

I went off 3LT when the owner ranted in a blog post that it cost him £100k to produce an L bracket and that the Chinese ones were all just counterfeit and full of lead and cadmium. Too much BS.

I have a Benro geared head. Proudly Chinese designed and manufactured. Nothing like the clunky Manfrotto one with its stupid proprietary mount.

I like my Manfrotto Arca-Swiss mount plates.
Yes Manfrotto have their unique mount to their range but as you can see they are expanding into the Arca-Swiss standard as well.

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All these science experts, but not one "expert" photographer mentioned who may have pulled this image apart in a short amount of time looking at raw, exif data, whether rear curtain sync for flash... That said one of these experts may have some intimate knowledge on photographic technique but hasn't been mentioned thus far in the above post.

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There might be a lot of graphic artists out of work who may have spent many an hour "air brushing" celebrity images for the gossip mags. Now it can be done with swipe of a mouse or pad.

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With the recent conspiracy theories of DJI collecting data from their customers and destined for the secret coffers of the Chinese government. Maybe they can use the drones to target rare and exotic creatures to help track them down and extract placebo materials they think will enhance their labido....

Let the comments begin :)

PS not bad images

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borax: Still don't understand why modern cameras lack built-in intervalometer, overs 30 sec adjustable timer etc... if it is not to make us buy accessories.

@borax, My Canon 5DMk4 has built in intervalometer. I'm not sure of other brands but was a welcome feature for my time-lapse imaging.

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likovsky: I think Sam's on to something. I'm a big fan and follower of FujiFeed and didn't realize it was him till later in the article. Seems like something worth checking out. It's not like you have to put up all your work for free and honestly I'd rather have someone use my work than cheaply reposting it on instagram without credit.

I think you will find that you will not get credit with Unsplash either. From some of the posts below a theory is those downloading from Unsplash maybe posting it on instagram and as no credit or "attributing" to the original photographer, these people are passing the images off possibly as their own.

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Ultimax: This is from the Unsplash website.
"Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from Unsplash for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the photographer or Unsplash, but this license does not include the right to compile photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service."
My thoughts are that at least the photographer should be credited and the images not to be modified beyond some basic tweaks. Maybe as silly question but if the photographer isn't credited, how does this drive business back to someone who trying to gain exposure to more commercial work?

@ CallumG, you're spot on. I guess I knew the answer already. Totally agree with your post earlier and this will de-value photography. I have done some photo workshops in the field with some well known photographers and was told by one of them that he never posts to sites that "give away" your image and copyright. In the same discussion he also said that people will accept an image that may not be as good but is free... "Photography is going down a dark hole." unfortunately this is too true with sites such as Unsplash. Maybe someone can access the profit and loss revenue of Unslpash and where the revenue goes. The founders of this site maybe living very comfortably off the fruits of others.

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