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@ Erez Marom. Thank you for sharing your experience on this unique bit of glass. You did make it clear that your article wasn't going to be about the technical and more about your experience and how it may challenge our thinking on very wide FOV. For that, an excellent article and images.

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Dr_Jon: Actually maybe one of the more interesting things here is how Canon's shiny new medical division seems to be doing well while Nikon's shiny new medical division appears to be more a cash sink. Olympus' medical division is also a cash cow (but unlike C+N they do really poorly with continuing losses on cameras). Interesting how camera companies seem to like medical...

Medical is a very broad subject when it comes to companies and what they provide to the health care industry. Toshiba Medical Systems which is now part of the Canon Group make CT, MRI, Ultrasound, high end Angiographic interventional systems and more. Nikon and Olympus make medical optical equipment and other smaller medical devices which pale in comparison to what Canon now own. http://www.toshibamedicalsystems.com/products/index.html

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garyknrd: I headed over to look at the stock! Evidently the market has not reacted to the news or it is BS?
P/E is strong and earning are good.
Love to see a panic in a stock like this for a good buy, ain't happening here.
IMO you will see Canon start sliding before the Micro 4/3 biggies will.
Canon is desperately trying to find a good alternative.

Canon Group did find a good alternative. They purchased Toshiba Medical Systems diversifying their portfolio and returning a healthy profit.

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Maybe put a drop sensor device in an easy to access panel. I think this would keep the renters and second hand market honest.

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Henry McA: Zoom lenses are for tourists and amateurs.

Ah, the joke is on us @ Henry McA. You're a troll trying to get a reaction. We took the bait. Let's hope you move on from DPR.

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Henry McA: Zoom lenses are for tourists and amateurs.

@ Henry McA. Some of us have to use both prime and zoom lenses when we travel due to weight and size restrictions of carryon. Yes it maybe a compromise but is a logical means to an end to take a decent quality zoom lens along with us. Also thank goodness to all those "tourists and amateurs" out there loading and sharing their images from either prime or zoom glass. By the way Henry I can't see any images or gear you own online. Dare I say you might own a zoom and can't share the fact out of embarrassment.

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Tom Ames: Too bad the wingtip is in focus and the northern lights are not....

Now (Tom Ames) that's debatable. The wing tip doesn't move relative to the view point from the window other than wing flex etc. So would appear to be in better focus and appear to suffer less from movement/blur artefact. I assume the camera was using long exposure between 10 to 30 seconds. Therefore the aurora moves in wave like motions and will always be blurred and appear out of focus. Even for terrestrial based aurora photography we get blurring. If you look at the stars in the background they're pretty clear other than vibration blur on the odd occasion. Overall a very good effort by this photographer, I take my hat off to you.

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AstroStan: To become a patent troll after the real business collapses?
Or attempt "winning" in court instead of the marketplace?

Yes, Canon now own Toshiba Medical a very profitable and high end medical imaging company. So as well as AV/Cameras, Canon now sell high end MRI, CT, Ultrasound...

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webber15: Believe me...if I was out in the countryside and a drone came buzzing around me...if I could...I'd hit it down and stamp on the thing...

Roland Karlsson, I do believe you that Iceland is large, sparsely populated and quite remote to a certain degree. Though we photographers do tend to congregate in some ideal locations. These ideal locations tend to be relatively small patches of terra firm-a in comparison to the vast remote Iceland landscape. So it gets a little crowded especially at the witching hour of sunrise/sunset in these locations, especially on the "ice beach" when there's not much ice around. When others have spent time and effort to set up their equipment and shots to have someone pull out a drone and buzz up and down the beach does put a strain on what would be considered courteous. It all comes down to courtesy, sharing and respecting our wildlife, environment and other people who would like to enjoy our gorgeous planet. Hey the drone operator and his/her drone could have been behind us and not in our field of view and we are all winners!

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webber15: Believe me...if I was out in the countryside and a drone came buzzing around me...if I could...I'd hit it down and stamp on the thing...

I really don't advocate damaging others' equipment. But I can see the frustration and have been on the receiving end of having a drone buzzing back and forth whilst us dozen or so land based photographers on the beach in Iceland lost our window to photograph in ideal light. With many more drones in the air at some of our most gorgeous locations around the world, it may not be too long until we read about not road rage but photographer rage.

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Sir Corey of Deane: With the ease of photo fakery, EVERY image on the Web can be questioned and thus the value of these blah blah blah awards, competitions etc.

I've seen what I consider better pics posted by 'ordinary' DPReview members.

Sir Corey, I think Nick may have meant they're instead of there in his reply. Maybe don't be so critical as we all make mistakes. Though it would be good to see some of your images. Just put a link to Getty Images or put some on your DPR gallery with a nice watermark so they can't be stolen.

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Ricoh KR5 SLR, slide film and couldn't wait for the postman to arrive to see the results. ONLY a 2 week wait to get processed slides back :)

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Truly nice images. But the drone can be a bit annoying. My second trip to Iceland we found we were competing with a drone flying about trying to capture ideal lighting on the glacier lake and ice beach. The drone did just that whilst we ground based photographers hoped the UFO (the "F" doesn't stand for "Flying" and unidentified as the pilot was hiding somewhere out of reach) wouldn't encroach into our field of view.

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barb_s: This is such a standout. I had started voting last week, and didn't get thru the full set. I'm sure I would have given this one my 5 star rank. It's striking, and colorful and just so unique! A very interesting entry indeed!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback. It was a special afternoon. Take care.

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wilmeland: I think only 3 people participating speaks to the issue with this challenge.

Agreed, but I think ConanFujiX may not understand your subtle response. The issue that his challenge is sexist, degrading to professional women (sexy or not).... Is lost on this individual.

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ShoppingBoy: Great pictures. Gotta say that I've seen 'em all before. Can we say "cliche'?"

Colby some nice work, good for you getting out there and sharing your not so "cliche" images.

As for you "ShoppingBoy" I noticed you have no images in your gallery. Maybe you can show the world some of your non-cliche images so we can stand back and see what a true master of critique can produce.

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Just picked up my 5DMk3, I did wait for the latest batch with *****3***** serial # as do quite a bit of low light work. Happy with image quality, speed, feel of body and love features now brought to the for such as mirror lock for long exposures to reduce blur from mirror bounce. I have enough pixels and features to make me a very happy photographer. Let's all get out there and put some great images on this site to inspire others, either from a Nikon or a Canon.

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