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kobakokh: This Fijifilm has just one small problem: lens is much less sharper then 28mm lens of Ricoh GR. And also if Fuji will add to AF system something like Ricoh's Snap focus, its will be absolutely great camera. That Snap focus is way better then maybe any focus system in the world...

X100 at little soft at the edges wide open and close up but what are you going to be shooting wide open and close where peripheral sharpness is important? I would only be doing portraits so this would be an advantage.

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Beautiful images, lovely to use - after firmware updates. Still my main camera and all time favourite, 50years plus in my case. The one camera I will never part with. Have had cameras with the Xtrans and not too keen so will not be upgrading.

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My APS-C sensor easily produces high quality prints at A4 size even with some cropping. I do not want or need larger prints so I don't need FF. what matters is the end product ie the photograph and what you are going to do with it.

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jdmeyer: Lovely -- but who took the photos they are both in?

Did not know they had remote control by mobile phone in those days...or perhaps it was just time delay on the shutter. lol.

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Sordid: Those in portrait orientation look a lot like pictures taken with a smartphone due to their dimensions. Vintage filters added.

Maybe but vintage filters do introduce vintage cars...yet!

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On article 1939: England in Color (part 3) (90 comments in total)

Thank you for sharing these images. I am reminded of trips out in the early 1950's in my grandfathers almost identical Morris, always finding a spot to pull over and brew up with an old primus. As in these fascinating shots I mostly recall that even in the 1950's there was very little other traffic. Also that at many petrol stations an attendant had to come out and physically operate the pump by hand, not unlike a barmaid pulling a pint.
Some of the comments are also interesting: please note that having an outside toilet was not a sign of poverty. My maternal grandmother never had an inside loo and would certainly not be thought poor. Many were suspicious of indoor toilets. Of course it did rain in those days but I am sure it was mostly in winter and summers were much drier!
Again. Many thanks.

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There is not much wrong with Fuji camera bodies. What is poor is the firmware which often takes a year or more of upgrades to get the bodies doing what they should have been doing to start with. As a X100 owner I speak with personal experience of this.

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My own experience entirely. Bought an x100 two years ago and for 18 months it was my only camera. The most engaging and enjoyable time I've had with photograhy and best results. A fixed lens really makes you think about things. Have an EX-1 as well now for specialised stuff, though don't like it so much.

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40daystogo: The Leica Vario-Summicron 24-90 mm f/2.0 on the D-Lux 5 is an amazingly sharp and compact lens. It's designed for a far smaller sensor. Of course I'm not an optical engineer, but why can't Leica provide a lens like that, scaled up in size for the APS-C sensor? I have previously splashed cash for Leicas including a true M rangefinder, but this f/3.5 widest aperture of the X is a total deal breaker, meaning there is zero chance I would even desire to get it. It is THAT BAD.

Or perhaps they are more interested in images than numbers.

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Leica are only following modern business practice. Produce one quality winner and sell a load of tat off the back of it. Why not when people will pay two and a half grand for a red dot? - and they will sell.

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Mrrowe8: What asshat is buying this Flaming turd ? Makes no sense , for same price u could buy Nikon d600 .. Or Sony rx1 why would anyone be as stupid as to buy this ? Just cause it says Lieca are people that ignorant ??

Basically agree but I bet the Leica will not throw oil spots all over it's sensor.

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Richard Murdey: I was 100 comments in before it dawned on me that the lens was not removable.

So its a Fuji XE-1 with the kit zoom welded to the body and no EVF.

For twice the cost of the XE-1 kit.
.. and the lens aperture is slower..

... exhales slowly ...

Well, this will go over like the proverbial lead zeppelin!

Sums it up nicely

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It is certainly the real thing though. Low tech, low spec, high price. A true Leica.

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There is too much snobbery in this. On average the instagram and Iphone groups on Flicker have the same ratio of good to poor images as any "camera" group. A few terrific images, many average and poor ones. I note that "Leica" groups are particularly replete with dull and uninteresting stuff. It's a photographers eye that matters not the camera or medium.

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These days what matters most in visual journalism is immediacy. With every other member of the public carrying a camera of some sort it is no surprise that photojournos are getting thin on the ground. Most of the newsworthy pictures shown on television and the web, be they still or moving, are from amateurs who just happened to be there. Lack of cinematic quality is no bar if you are lucky enough to be on the spot.

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