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On photo Upper East Side NYC in the The Big Apple, a-la Berenice Abbott challenge (5 comments in total)

Beautiful capture and the tonality is gorgeous. Very well done.

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"Pricing is very reasonable and affordable."

Warren Buffett

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amicus70: Art lays in the eye of the viewer.

I think it's out of discussion, that some of the pictures are a good handwork: right exposure etc (like the one shown here on dpr).

But I miss something special about the photography, too. Especially the pictures of streets - if they where mine I would have deleted them, because I couldn't find a trigger in them. They are just pics from the street, to much things in them to look at. You don't know where the core of the picture is, what he want to tell us with it. A picture of a half eaten burger with fries? The pics look like snapshots, just taken without thinking.

I don't like them, but if you... why not?


Shore's photography demands a lengthy gaze.
His photographs are much more than snapshots.
If all you see is snapshots, you have missed all the magic.

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ZeevK: Complete Wais of Time.

For me DPR is loosing it's value and interest by not doing what it supposed to be doing - Digital Photography equipment Review, which was the main reason for me to have DPR listed in my "Favorites" for several years.

Late or skipped reviews, abandoned "lens Review"... by the time DPR publishes something that might be interesting - I already got the information long ago from several other sites.

Some tested current models that got significant firmware updates - are still tested, evaluated and show sample photos which are... irrelevant and missleading.

As an active contributor of several technical forums in my country, currently I rarely reference DPR anymore. As a co-editor (not payed but volunteraly) of "Technical News" forums - I do not remember whaen was the last time that my source for "news" was DPR. They are either late or insufficient in details.

The onli point of interest left for me here - are the forums. Sad...


DPR would be a much duller site if it concentrated solely on equipment. As you say, there are other technical-only sites. DPR is unique in referencing various aspects of photography and IMHO it's great.

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Stewart Pinkerton: Without falling into the 'I'm just as good as him' trap that a previous poster did, I too am the same age as Shore, born in 1947. Pioneering color photographer? I don't think so, given that Kodachrome came out in 1935, 12 years before either of us was born! Influential certainly, but hardly pioneering...

Shore was one of the first of the great photographers to use color photography as an art form. Color photography was considered inferior even during the sixties. It was mainly Shore, Eggleston, Meyerowitz and Leiter who have changed the public's perception of color photography and the new opportunities it opened up.

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On photo Painter in the Chromatic Contrast challenge (1 comment in total)


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On article Five Friends Take Same Picture for 30 Years (108 comments in total)

Reminds me of the "7 up" series documentary, where filmmaker Michael Apted followed (and still does) a group of people since they were 7 years old, back in 1964. He has filmed them repeatedly every 7 years.
The last episode, "56 up" (!) premiered a couple of months ago.
The result is astonishing, a must see documentary.

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On photo Wisdom in the Zoo Animals challenge (14 comments in total)


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That's Leica's way of saying:
You thought that the 'regular' M9 was expensive and overpriced?

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On article First Pictures by Joel Sternfeld (35 comments in total)

I think I've spotted some shadow noise in the third picture.
Can you please upload the RAW file?

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On article 2012 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (68 comments in total)
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IcyVeins: These prizes are so political. why don't they give a prize to someone who takes a nice positive photograph instead of people who are using photography to further political narratives? A crying girl is hardly "breaking news."

Everything is political. Let's not pretend it's not.
Choosing a nice positive photograph over others, is also a political decision.

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On article Book Review: Vivian Maier, Street Photographer (151 comments in total)
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fad: I went to the gallery show in NYC.

The photos in the book are much better than the prints.

I'm glad she's getting all this posthumous praise. She must have worked very hard on her SP.

But I'm afraid all the publicity and the high quality of the images in the books is giving her a reputation she will not be able to sustain.

She is disciplined, but not professional. She has a good eye, but lacks the artists ability to be evocative.

Compare her to her contemporary, Vivian Cherry, and see that her images lack artistic resonance and professional discipline.

I think that it would be unfair for almost any photographer to be compared to Robert Frank. It's like saying about some film maker that he's not that good, Hitchcock was better... Come on.
Maier had a uniqueness of her own, a GREAT eye and an entirely different way to look at the world.
So she wasn't interested in printing. Does that make her a less talented or significant photographer? I really don't think so.

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On article Book Review: Vivian Maier, Street Photographer (151 comments in total)


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On article Book Review: Vivian Maier, Street Photographer (151 comments in total)
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Model Mike: "Of the countless photographers given the label 'street photographer' the worst are opportunists - vultures feeding on the sad, the filthy and the violent."

Oh, the dangers of broad sweeping generalisations! Perhaps the reviewer should look at the last two images, right there, in his own review. Either the shots were staged, or VM was just as 'opportunistic' as the next street photog. Barney should stick to reviewing cameras.

@Model Mike

It's all about the EYES and HEART of the photographer.
I think that by "vultures" Mr. Britton referred to the emotionally detached, cynical exploiters.
My impression is that Miss Maier was quite the opposite: a very gentle and sensitive photographer (and human being).

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On article Roundup: Portfolio Apps For iOS (29 comments in total)

Thanks Joanne for an interesting and useful review.

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On article PPE 2011: Fujifilm interview (10 comments in total)
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spacenuke: January 2012 will be a good month? Wow I hope their interchangeable lens X-series camera will be out by January!

That seems to be the next big announcement, at the CES show.

Probably a larger than APS sensor and according to Fuji, unprecedented high ISO capabilities.

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On article The Photofile Series published by Thames & Hudson (9 comments in total)
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Maninho: I have a Bruce Davidson Photofile book series, not listed above.

I have the Davidson title too.
Other titles I own: Robert Frank, Brassai, American Photographers of the Depression, The Nude and Weegee; all currently out of print. Beautiful little books.

The Robert Frank volume should be republished in early 2012.

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Paul_B Midlands UK: Doesn't interest me at all, whereas the NEX7 does. Clonking great thing, and that smallish sensor whats the attraction, the Nikon logo?

The NEX 7 could have been so great with the NEX 5N sensor.

Unfortunately, development of the NEX7 sensor was handed over to the marketing department.

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whtchocla7e: Point-and-shoot quality at DSLR price.

Price is indeed high, but IQ is closer to 4/3 than P&S.

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (376 comments in total)
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OneShotOneClick: Hello Everybody!
I'm a HIG ISO ADDICTED because I love low light situations.
I've read that Canon has developed "PIXEL FUSION" tecnology.
It merge a 3x3 sensor's pixel to work like one to improve ISO quality. It will be equipped on small sensors and mirrorless camera.

Does someone know if it will be available on 1D-X??

I don't care if it could reduce the amount of MP if it make me bring home pictures and videos when I should not without that tecnology or without a 1600$ lens.
I have to add that i love low light portrait using hard macro.

So the question remain..

Will 1D-X be equipped with PIXEL FUSION?!?


OK I get your point.
I Believe the 1Dx would surpass the D3s. I won't be surprised at all if this sensor could produce clean images at 12500 or even 25000.

Anyway, basically I'm on your side, but It's just that we sometimes expect too much and forget to enjoy and get excited by the marvels we already have. We hold in our hands technologies that just a decade ago would have seemed astonishing or even unobtainable.

Just a thought... :)

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