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  • ..with malware. The spec sounds great, but I wouldn't go near them.

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X-T20 Review

    Is there an all black version?

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X-T20 Review

    I showed Fuji's high-ISO pics to some non-photographers and two of them spontaneously admired them for their beautiful colours.

    I think this issue may be a question of taste.

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X-T20 Review

    Other APS-C cameras are more directly equivalent. I don't even look at anything smaller than APS-C due to bokeh issues. I've never read an m4/3 review. Although I did stray slightly once to admire...

  • That colour profile article is going to be interesting. It tried Fuji profiles for my fuji pics in lightroom and they looked nothing like the jpegs. Nor could you select a fuji profile for a nikon...

  • For instance :

    Not the same lens at all, rather the nikon 55-300mm, but at 200mm and f8, it makes great headshots. Just not as great as a high-spec 2.8.

  • Is supersteel being sarcastic?

    A headshot would be at 200mm on APS-C for maximum facial flattery for many people (excepting square faces and some others). A good 2.8 would be just the thing.

  • Not so good bokeh at longer focusing, but not way near as bad as the sony zooms.

    I wouldn't use this for portraiture or prints. Just web/journalism.

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    Do they? May wide-angles are designed to have curvature as it's useful for such things as interiour shots.

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    Sigh. Well the XA still has it's place in the world.

    I mean the Olympus XA.

    Smaller, please. A decent aps-c camera that fits in a pocket would be a revolution.

    I would even take the hit of...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    If you shoot for the crop then you get more options for precise composition or even for different compositions. And the extra width adds to that. As for pp and cropping, you can often do that in...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    I think his point still holds "for the price".

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    I usually shoot for the crop, and the wider image gives me more options.

  • I wished from the very start that the EVF in the Fujis would show the effect of the DR setting. Worse still the histogram is only luminance and the top DR mode (which gives 2 extra stops of...

  • Most of the time I prefer my BVF.

    Photos never do a starscape or landscape justice. You just have to be there.

    But portraits, however.....there's nothing like contemplating the soul of a unique...

  • The EVF vs OVF is also partly a DSLR vs mirrorless debate also, complicating everything.

    For all the sports shooters insisting on OVF, the fact is that DSLRs have faster and better AF still, plus...

  • AFAIK Fuji's mechanism brings quite a price hike. And it's not really a hybrid, rather a mechanical switch-over from OVF to EVF in the same viewfinder.

    Personally I would rather see more money put...

  • No more need for this pointless debate.

    I've managed to glue the pentaprism of my D5 on to my X-pro 2, for the best of both worlds.

  • 'more about you'...'bigoted' etc...

    Well I thought it was meant to be amusing. And I found it amusing.

  • So much moiré that the usable resolution is less than the Sigma dp2. And the Fujis do arguably better also.

    I suppose for landscapes this isn't such a problem, but there are small repeated...

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