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BobT3218: Great 'casue my room lighting changes all the time. How does the monitor know the lighting has changed? Does the Spyder have to be attached all the time?


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I have the Spyder5Elite and it uses USB 3.0 just fine. Strange that DPReview is just now reporting on Datacolor's software upgrade... its been out since November 2016. Talk about being behind the times... ;)

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Bertalberto: Che brava !

Another great example of how 500px scores can have absolutely no bearing on the the quality of images. Impressive imagery Photoshop or not.

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Danielepaolo: Why "appears not to fix 'white orbs'"/. It is simple, they did not fix the problem.

dpreview have had this camera since last November and have deliberately mislead folks by holding back their full review. This is just more of the same.

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AbrasiveReducer: So, DPR, since you are taking quite a bit of time to do what would seem to be a simple before/after comparison, what we also need to know is if other Fuji cameras are affected. Hopefully, the answer is no, because they are not going to replace every camera they have sold over the last couple years. I haven't run into the orbs myself but I wonder if Fuji didn't see them when they were developing the camera. No, I don't believe they would have sold the camera if they knew you could get orbs. It's not about ethics; they just don't need the grief.

Don't hold your breath.... they've been holding back on their review of this camera since last November. Look closely and you'll see Fuji dollars hanging out their back pockets.

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David Clarke29: Whatever, I shall keep the X10 - HOWEVER I find it totally beyond belief that a company the size of Fuji could let a sensor design fault as portayed by the X10 pass acceptance by their quality assurance department.

The whole thing smells of commercial expediency and marketing pressure. This particular camera suits my shooting requirements but personally I will never again believe the marketing hype issued by Fuji or/and their accolytes again. Needless to say, further Fuji purchase is a no no.

The folks who have recently purchased the X-S1 and posted in FF have NOT reported an ORB issue -- please get your facts straight.

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bismojo: installed the v1.03, thanks fuji i hope the support continues because i want to keep this camera for a long time!

loving my X10, been using it every day since i bought it. nothing is perfect but this underdog is special in my opinion (no need to explain the technical aspects) it just help me capture..

right now i'm using it for my travel in japan and i don't think i can get the some shots with my canon G and FX nikon, mostly because of the lens vs. size compromise! manual zooming (and yes, same as nikon direction) is pleasure to use. i also glad i bring this instead of my wife's DX nikon + 18-200vr lens.. im using bicycle/walking/public transport and X10's small size matters.

baby shots are also nice, it's near silent.

so, anyway, feel sorry for other guys that have orbs issues, for me and my usage, this camera is special!

If you are going to restate someone's post at least demonstrate some intelligence by reading it first.

Its not hard... try it:

He likes the camera, intends on keeping it for a long time and hopes Fuji will maintain support by releasing future firmware updates. That's about it...

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GaryJP: Interesting case.

To me the idea of making the rest of the image monochrome but the London bus red is kind of obvious, even banal. So is the use of a well known landmark.

But I guess the clincher might be the fact that he was familiar with the original image.

Unbelievable... what a waste of public tax dollars -- this case should never have found its way on a judge's docket to begin with.

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No mention of the X-S1 anywhere... isn't this also a new camera for North America?

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