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  • Just as I predicted, a comment section about a Nikon product...and BBT already has 10 comments about Sony. LOL!!!

    Sonys are the worst built FF mirrorless cameras. Lens Rentals proved that . Get...

  • The D600 is a great camera. It is better in every way than the A7 which came out at the same time. Better focusing, better, IQ, better build quality, faster operation, better ergonomics, better...

  • For the record, DPReview and Lens Rentals rightfully declared Nikons first FF mirrorless camera the best built FF mirrorless camera they had ever seen.
    They did a teardown to prove it.
    That was a...

  • I am a Nikon user. I never was against video.
    You look like a liar when you claim most users said something they know they never said.

    Some Sony users were strongly against viewfinders and IBIS...

  • The worst was when Sony tried to sell FW updates via their play memories app.
    Thankfully that was a massive failure. Now they just put out a new model every year instead.

  • But the D750 doesn't give you those cool vertical lines like Sony cameras do. That is a Sony "feature ".
    .Btw, out of all the Sonys over the years guess which was declared the best built FF...

  • Ironically, in the comments sections of articles about Nikon and Canon, it sure seems like Sony fans like BlueBomber/T3 make 90% of the posts.
    For one article BlueBT made over 40 and T3 made over...

  • That was fast.
    Good to see they are making FW updates a priority.

  • Sony isn't doomed.
    They still make smartphones and TVs. I am sure they dominate those markets.

  • T3
    Samsung could buy Sony 5 times. They quit making ILCs even though their NX1 was the best overall mirrorless camera.

    If Sony loses too much market share they won't hesitate to dump ILCs and...

  • SLTs had nothing to do with mirrorless. They were a massive failure.

    Panasonic and Olympus pioneered mirrorless. They pioneered 5 axis IS, electric shutter, and more.
    When Sony finally...

  • Sony has lost 33% already. It could go to 40 or higher because the trend is sharply upward and the Z6 has yet to be released.

    So if Sony sold 1000 units last quarter, then to sell the same...

  • Well, there goes another 15% of Sony's market share in Japan.
    They've already lost over 30%. I thought it would take 6 months for Sony to drop below 70% since they have so many models, but for FF...

  • There are well over 400+ lenses for Canon APSC. Sony APSC are buying no less than 8 different adapters so they can use the superior Canon lenses. There is virtually no difference between a 50mm 1.8 ...
  • Hey Papa.

    Very few ILCs are sold on Amazon.
    No Sony ILC shows up in the top 100 cameras.
    The highest rated Sony is #260 in cameras.
    There are 7 or 8 Instamax Mini film cameras ranked higher...

  • November/December is the most important time for sales volume during the year. This is when sales volume is at its greatest.

    Sony had already fallen to 19% market share for mirrorless in Japan. ...

  • Sony is failing. They are down to 13% market share globally.
    Canon APSC mirrorless (just a couple bodies) out sold Sony mirrorless, FF APSC, and SLTs combined in places like Japan...and not just...

  • Why the wild process swings? Because Sony's  market share is so poor and because Canon started beating them in mirrorless sales 3 years ago, Sony started to quote a made up number called "value". S ...
  • They are getting embarrassed. For 3 years a couple Canon mirrorless bodies out sold ALL Sony ILCs.  Each year Canon expanded their lead and Sonys market share plummeted. Now it appears Sony sales ...
  • If you've been following Japan the past 3 years, you seen Sony's  market share plummet. The last 3 years  Canon mirrorles (apsc only)  sold more than  ALL Sony mirrorless (apsc,FF).  Worse for ...
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