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  • Fullu agree on the E-M1 mark II! I have had quite a few cams from 2008 onwards but the last one I bought is the E-M1 mark II and I have no need for anything else. Sure there are a lot better cams,...

  • I saw some superficial reviews though, so may be you are right. Over here in NL body only it is at 1200-1300 euro. So substantially above the 1000 euro mark. I also saw EM1.2 new at 630 euro. If ...
  • I use it with Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 F2.8 and 100-400 PL f4 to f6.3 lens and it works well with those so I bet also with your lenses. IQ is the same as every other OM sytems sensors bar OM1 I ...
  • It would not be an OM1 with these specs. Example:
    1) AF-C speed 7-10 fps with tracking 7 FPS.
    2) 3,7 MP EVF with 0.75 magnification
    3) OM1 sensor eh..yes
    4) Menusystem the same

    Differences: weight...

  • I would expect it to have:
    1) Better EVF
    2) The OM1 sensor
    3) OM1 menusystem
    4) OM1 AF system (not speed).

    But may be I am asking too much.

  • Most photographers over here are pretty crappy too. You see them with APS-c and FF gear shooting very crappy pics. We m43 owners are much more aware of our crappiness which is why we shoot with m43...

  • memorylane? The cam is pretty modern, nothing old about it.

  • I think you made a mistake since I only have the Innorel RC80 which does not have a detachable leg for monopod use. I think yoy should ask Snapshot (or what he is called).
  • Not price. But this is why I would like to see a G10 cam with the size of a G80 or so.
  • Replied in So
    We are discussing this trend of indeed a change here. That laws are changing is one thing, whether we agree is a whole other thing. In the case of slaves it was very clear that people on a massive ...
  • Not just Putin and his pals, also the whole west, China etc. We saw what happened to Khassoggi and how the west just never cared about a civilian being butchered, just because the butchers are our ...
  • The problem is abuse of that info, which can be dealt with in law. If we cannot do this without consent there are literally no longer pics anywhere ever, also not in papers etc possible. Also: to ...
  • Replied in Agreed.
    So should we no longer take pics of people in war, people oppressed, police and other abuse of people vice versa? Or should journalists be treated differently and what exactly constitutes "a ...
  • If you want to see anything when in portrait mode the flippy screen works fine, whereas a tilatable screen, especially when you wanted to shoot from a lower position isn't helpfull at all. The ...
  • That is even better. Of course all light permitting. My point is that it surely does not take 15 seconds to take the shots. Not even 5 seconds. So the fast changing light cannot be a problem I ...
  • The fact that it takes 15 second to develop does not mean it takes 15 second to take the actual shots. With the OM you can shoot 50 fps. With the GH6 it 14 fps with mechanical shutter or 75 fps ...
  • Replied in Why the rush?
    I wonder what you shoot with Highres mode (or is it hhhr specifically?) that it needs to be speedy. In the case of OM systems it does not deal well with any movement. So it is probably not action... ...
  • Which is the best way to test noise etc. Otherwise the result is not unexpected.
  • Replied in Agreed.
    So I mostly reach for my Oly Em1.2 because it has better IQ and AF than my GH4. But I like the GH4 a lot more due to the layout and menu's. If you have both and only indicate you use the Oly more, ...
  • How did this not work? Can you elaborate a bit. I think I used this on NLC's and compared with a shot taken a minute later (single shot, 12800ISO) and the hires shot was not just a little better, ...
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