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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2181 comments in total)

It's always nice when the things that DPR picks out as major negatives, aren't things that bother me. That's a good thing - each to their own.

That said, the only thing which really bothers me is the front dial, which is too small - I keep switching the camera off by mistake, whilst fumbling for it. Grrrrrrr.

Otherwise, I don't mind the smaller buttons.

It is noticeably heavier than the original A7, but seems to be much better built.

Oh and the slow buffer thing is annoying.

Early days yet, but so far so good for pretty much everything else.

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Useless, not a single relevant keyword and, after adding relevant ones, it also copies all the unwanted keywords to clipboard.

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On article Have your say: Best Lens of 2014 (117 comments in total)

What's the chances that anyone has used all the lenses on this list and had a chance to compare them?

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On article Ten things you need to know about the Sony Alpha 7 II (280 comments in total)

Hmmmm. A few thoughts.

I only shoot wide and normal lenses, so image stablisation is not an issue. Faster focussing? Sure, that's always good, but I didn't buy this for dSLR performance, so not critical. I've yet to have focussing issues.

From what I can find out, the A7II is heavier than the A7 - 556g vs 416g. Not a huge amount on its own, but I'd rather have the lighter weight for a day's street photography.

The ergonomics look interesting (although it looks a bit bulkier as a result) the shutter button isn't in the most natural place on the A7.

I think for me to upgrade there would need to be uncompressed RAW files, no low-pass filter option and something along the lines of improved sensor/dynamic range (without having to go up to 36mp) .

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Astound: How is this different to the Black Rapid series of straps?

Am I missing something?

Hmmm. OK, might be useful for some.

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How is this different to the Black Rapid series of straps?

Am I missing something?

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What is it with Zeiss and huge tin can sized lenses? I know the quality is generally very good, but these are for small mirrorless cameras. If I needed that absolute degree of quality, I'd use a dSLR anyway. Do they need to be so big?

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On photo New Year Day in the - The Cold Morning - (Full Colours Only + Border, Title, Date) challenge (8 comments in total)

Fantastic. As others have said, the lighting and composition is spot on.

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On article DxO Labs unveils Optics Pro 8 with Smart Lighting (35 comments in total)

Oh great, I just bought version 7 last week.

Ah, free upgrade hopefully…

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On photo Sunset in Oxford in the Photography challenge (10 comments in total)

Fantastic. And with the Canon kit lens. Says it all.

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How is this different from Extensis Portfolio?

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