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It's amusing to read the hubris in the replies that sneer that the iPad Pro (or any iPad) is a "toy"; is completely unsuitable for any professional work, etc.

While it certainly isn't a device that is targeted at photography post-production, there's little doubt that some inspired young people will do amazing things with it in that field. (That's what young people do... ignore the bitter naysayers and invent new processes.)

But besides that, iPads are already being used professionally in other fields. To give one example, in music production iPads are certainly already employed at a professional level, with synthesizers from Moog and Korg, multitrack recording platforms, and advanced guitar amp simulations. Even iPad Minis are being used professionally in this way. The iPad Pro will undoubtedly inspire further advancements in this field.

There's no doubt that in other fields iPads are equally "professional".

If you think they are toys, it's only because you are childish.

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also here's a screenshot from next season's "The Walking Dead".

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Lebkuchen: Taking pictures of dead people and making money out of it... it's disgusting

Yes, we should suppress all images of death and only look at photos of Rodeo Drive.

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david kohn: went on Adobe's site to buy update LR5 to LR6. Could not find it anywhere. Went to their chat help and they wasted my time asking me irrelevant questions and finally giving me another bad link. Shame on them!

They've done a good job of hiding the upgrade.

You need to add the full product to your shopping cart. Then go into the cart and click "edit" on the item (that is, edit the full Lightroom 6).

After hitting edit you will see a drop down menu that says "Full". Click on this and select "Upgrade". Then you have to select from a separate drop down menu which version of Lightroom you are upgrading from.

Finally you need to hit SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page to save your change to the shopping cart.

Then you are ready to go.

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Maybe it will squirt water like a clown camera.

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If they could bundle this with match.com into an image editing/dating service I might bite.

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javidog: No fancy studio (justa bathroom) no fancy camera (justa phone) no fancy lighting. Great pics!! Still love me some Stieglitz and Walker Evans but Good job Nick. Mobile photos are here to stay. The only thing fading into obscurity are the cranky old dinosaurs who used to work in darkrooms.

I guess I am a cranky old dinosaur since I used to work in a darkroom.

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I don't understand, if they are going to continue making 35mm motion picture film, why they can't sell the exact same film stocks packaged for 35mm SLR cameras. If demand is too low to support a national distribution network, sell it directly to photographers over the internet.

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Alan Brown: was it a Billion dollars to send this to Mars? (vaguely remember this figure in a news broadcast.. might be a whole lot more. )

Great inovations and technical skills to get it there .. no doubt abut that. But you can't walk here on Earth in the daytime and feel 100% safe.

begs the question....

next time we'll ask them to spend some of the money to exterminate pumas and lions so you'll feel 100% safe walking here on Earth.

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Reg Natarajan: What's the difference between the orange, green and purple coding?

Orange are DA* lenses (high quality, SDM focusing, weathersealed), purple are FA lenses (full-frame, 35mm film compatible), and green are the rest.

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On article Pentax reveals K lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013 (101 comments in total)
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umbalito: DA Limited Zoom??!! DA Limited Zoom! DA Limited Zoom!

Not quite sure what to make of the DA* ultra zoom either. From the markings on the chart, it almost looks like a 24-80. Pretty useless for APS-C. I doubt they can make an 18-200 f/2.8? Unless they're turning the DA* nomenclature to mean weather-sealed only, and no longer constant aperture and weather-sealed.

Of course they aren't going to make a /2.8 18-200mm zoom. The chart makes it look as if the DA* is going to be about a 17-83mm, a very useful range on APS-C indeed. I wonder how you conclude a 24mm wide angle from that chart, where the bar clearly goes well below 20mm.

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tkbslc: I get the feeling that people think Ricoh is just some rinky-dink niche camera maker. That is not true at all. Consider that they made $740 million in profits last year on $20 billion in sales and are expecting to triple profits by 2014.

Which is why they bought Pentax, onlooker: to have somewhere to invest their profits made elsewhere in order grow the camera side of their business. And now that they own Pentax, they are certainly much more than a "footnote" in the DSLR market.

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