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  • No such problems with my B700.  Gordon_O
  • Replied in Moon with B700
    I have never tried the moon mode. Only tried a couple of the scene modes. Usually I am in program mode when doing landscapes. For my moon shots I have settled on using shutter priority at 1/50 or ...
  • I bought the B700 because I wanted a lighter weight camera and I wanted RAW capability. Others buy the P900 because they want as much zoom power as possible and don't care about the extra weight. ...
  • The images in my view finder and on my screen look just fine. They look quite normal. No color shifts with my B700.  Gordon_O
  • Pretty sure that it is a sandhill crane. They have a very loud distinctive call. When they land in our local park, the dogs are very interested but very few try to chase the cranes. Gordon
  • Replied in Moon with B700
    Last night was the full moon. Here I have cropped, adjusted the levels, and sharpened. B700 I've enjoyed other people's contributions. Thanks for participating. Gordon
  • Replied in Moon with B700
    The added zoom range of the 900 over the B700 makes a difference. Also, using a tripod probably helped quite a bit. Nice moon pictures!  Gordon
  • Replied in Moon with B700
    KJ, I'm very happy with the B700. I sold my Nikon D300, plus a couple lenses. I had money left over after buying the B700. I really like the compact size with good zoom power and good image quality. ...
  • Created discussion thread Moon with B700
    A couple evenings ago, I had my camera out for some garden pictures and decided to also try the moon with my B700. The sky was still blue, but by the time I adjusted the contrast, etc. and ...
  • I bought a B700 because it is smaller and lighter than the P900, and because is has RAW capability. I've had it for a couple months now and I am very happy with my choice. I've gotten some nice ...
  • I don't get it. Why take pictures from the back and side? Why not show their faces? Also, this is a Nikon forum. Why are you posting images from a Leica? Gord_O
  • Replied in Wrong camera?
    BeachChick, Here is a picture taken with my B700 on a cloudy day with ISO 100. I use auto ISO with a maximum of 400 for all my shooting. I've done some post processing for contrast, sharpness, etc. ...
  • I have a P7100 that is an earlier model of your P7700. It was the camera that I carried on long bicycle rides or when I wanted a smallish camera to carry around. I got out the backpack bag with a ...
  • Augustin, Forgot  to mention that I was using a B700, not P900. Thanks for your comments, I agree. When looking for a seed head to photograph, I looked for a perfect spherical head. In the process ...
  • This afternoon I sat in wet grass and got this image. There is probably too much detail in the background, but I wanted to keep the detail in the dandelion. What do you think? Gord_O
  • Lots of great dandelion images! Here in Wisconsin they are all still yellow. We are finally changing to sunny weather today, so maybe I can get mature dandelions in the next few days.   Gordo
  • What kind of post processing did you do? I very much like the result, but it doesn't look like it is straight from the camera. You've pushed it in a moody direction. Nice. Gordon
  • My intent with posting these images was to discuss the angular coverage of the different post-processing software options. For my purposes, the scaled down images are perfectly adequate. To ...
  • My preference for RAW images is based on my experiences with previous cameras. Perhaps the in-camera processing techniques have improved enough that JPG is good enough in modern cameras. With ...
  • Thanks for the link to your earlier post. I just recently decided to buy a new camera and started reading this forum. I should have gone back further to earlier discussions. This forum is a ...
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