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FTW: That is all ok, but you need CS6 to use it, it will not work on CS5. I have up to the throat to eternally be forced to buy a new version of PS every time I buy a new camera. I use CS5 and see no major improvement, or at least not what brings me an advantage in CS6. I use the RAW 6.7 and have only problems with it, it leaks memory and every 3 or 4 shots I need to exit the program and restart, it is a pain in the best. So, I planed to buy a Sony RX100, I will then not buy it. I had a big discussion once with Capture One service for that issues. Here it is worse, you need to buy the program at every update of new cameras. And since we buy a few per year, this is unaffordable, specially if one considers Pro One pricing policy.

Yeah, pretty annoying. One way around that is to use Adobe's free DNG converter tool. You can convert your unsupported RAW files to DNG files (Adobe's standard RAW file, no information is lossed) and then you are free to use your photos with whatever version of Adobe you are using. It just sucks that you have to jump through the hoops though.

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