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  • I finally retired my GXR. It is good, yes, but I prefer the EVF on the Panasonic GX8, nd I can get great B&W files from it. I have the new Olympus 25mm lens and actually prefer its output over the ...
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    I have the GX8, my wife has the GX85. I looove the GX8, can't stand the GX85. But my wife loves the GX85. For me, it is all about handling, use and haptics. That and the GX8 EVF is fantastic.
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    I have both and both are great lenses. But I prefer the 12-60 for the zoom flexibility and because it really impresses me! In good light it works absolutely beautifully. In Alaska I had the 12-35 ...
  • I agree with others that there is no single best lens, technically speaking. They all involve trade offs in lens design for one reason or another. That said, IME the Olympus 25/1.2 and Panasonic ...
  • You can be tempted. But it is not a GR challenger . Two entirely different cameras. Each has a place, but they are different places. You could also resist temptation and use what you have on hand ...
  • What if Ricoh made one off GRs. You pick the sensor type and size, size of the camera, focal length, color or BW... We'd all be happy, wouldn't we?
  • Ricoh may know, but we don't. Perhaps his printer is not functioning properly?
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    Always, always 28mm. I bought the GRD2 many years ago, apprehensive at the price for a fixed lens camera. But it focused my picture making and I cannot go back. I shoot 28mm, 50mm and, recently, ...
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    Same camera, rebadge it GR3, make it cheaper. Honestly, I can't think of anything. It always ends up being my favorite camera to use and the IQ is fantastic.
  • That's right, forgot about the DP2s. I've used them, but I don't have the patience for them (especially SPP).
  • Hopefully, someday in the future someone will produce a fixed lens 50mm camera. Leica is one of the few who might do it. Ricoh had the 50mm A12 GXR camera/lens. Sign me up. 28mm (check), 50mm ...
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    A lot of comments here have to do with camera size, specifically the GX7 v GX8. I have the GX8 and consider it an optimum size. My wife has the GX85 and while she loves it I cannot stand it. ...
  • We just returned tonight from two weeks in Alaska, including a week-long small boat cruise. I took two GX8s and 12-35/2.8 + 35-100/2.8. The gear performed flawlessly in the weather and through all ...
  • Funny, but this never occurred to me since I still don't even consider Flickr part of Yahoo. I follow some great folks on Flickr, photographers who teach me new things every day.

    The only...

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    I can go to Alaska with my family, document the adventure and not stress about the weather and my camera.
  • Un-Cruise out of Juneau for a week then a week traveling from Anchorage to Talkeetna (flightseeing Denali) and back down to Girdwood and Seward. Hikes, museums, dog sledding, wildlife... We are ...
  • There's the K1, which by all accounts is pretty amazing. It says Ricoh on the box... Does that count?
  • Sorry, been busy and did not keep test snaps. Might see what I can capture this weekend. But honestly the pictures were great and AF was fast. I'm happy to have this lens.
  • I bought a second GX8 and had the chance to get the 12-60mm for free along with it as a "kit" (separate boxes). I've only just tested the lens in what I was already doing the past couple of days. ...
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