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A developer of scientific imaging systems since before digital cameras existed. In scientific imaging, the primary goal is achieving image accuracy so that observations of the image reflect the physical reality of that which is imaged.


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On article Google Pixel 3 XL sample gallery (377 comments in total)

I've been testing the Pixel 2XL vs the 3 and am really impressed with the results. Most of the dramatic examples require pixel peeping, but they definitely exist and the 3 is a notch better than the 2.
The super-res zooming is also interesting and compelling. It definitely works. Here's a sample of the 3's camera with a crop from a full image vs. the digital zoom, cropped to the same area.
(hopefully it will allow me to link to my Google album)

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On article Adobe brings Android CC apps to Chromebooks (42 comments in total)

Anybody figure out how to load images from your Google Drive or Google Photos? The Adobe apps appear to be locked to only photos stored in their cloud or associated with your camera. Since it's a Chromebook, I don't take photos on it and have to access my photos through Google Photos.

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This is great news – hopefully it will eliminate the lag problems that plague image acquisition.

However, I hope that Google will address a MAJOR issue with all its Nexus devices and some other Android devices. The issue is screen calibration – the Nexus devices do not conform to the industry standard gamma setting of 2.2 resulting in washed out colors in lighter regions and grainy shadow details.

Many have attributed the Nexus devices less than stellar image display to poor hardware. By installing a custom kernel, I’ve been able to adjust the gamma and compare images with that of a calibrated monitor and this simple change makes the Nexus devices truly shine. Both images and videos look substantially better this way.

Google, if you’re listening – please calibrate your screens if you truly want them to reach their potential. Without this, no changes in the HAL will help.

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