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Hans H. Siegrist

Lives in Switzerland Boudevilliers, Switzerland
Works as a Physician
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E-510 (wife), E-M1 MkII, E-M1, Pen-F, XZ-2 (wife)

mZD 7-14 Pro
mZD 12-40 Pro
mZD 12-100 Pro
mZD 40-150 Pro
mZD 300 Pro
mZD 14-42 II R
mZD 40-150
mZD 75-300 II
mZD 45
ZD 14-42 (wife)
ZD 35 macro (wife)
ZD 40-150 (wife)
Sigma 150 Macro
ZD 50-200 SWD
ZD 70-300 (wife)
ZD 300
FL-36R (wife)
Panasonic LUMIX LX3
Panasonic Lumix LX5

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  • Replied in Eurasian Curlew
    E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm + MC-14 Eurasian Curlew ( Numenius arquata ) Cheers!
  • It certainly produces an amazing picture quality, not least due to the double IS with appropriate bodies. My 2.8/12-40mm has been sitting on the shelf since I bought the 4/12-100mm. Cheers!
  • Replied in Wood Sandpiper
    A visitor on its way from northern Europe to the warmer south E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm + MC-14 Wood Sandpiper ( Tringa glareola ) Cheers!
  • European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) at the nesting wall E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm Pro European Bee-eater ( Merops apiaster ) Cheers
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Unfortunately, some people do feed them in the Alps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dULJPkiysE Cheers!
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Yours might be the Yellow-bellied Marmot ( Marmota flaviventris ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow-bellied_marmot Cheers
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Thanks. In fact, they live in underground burrows which they leave only to harvest fresh grass and flowers in order to accumulate a lot of fat which they need to survive a lengthy hibernation. I ...
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Lovely series. Do you know what species this is? Cheers!
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    It didn't get that close to me... Cheers!
  • Created discussion thread Alpine Marmot
    Now if I can get just a bit closer to that photographer before he runs away... E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm Pro Alpine Marmot ( Marmota marmota ) Cheers!
  • Rusty-leaved Alpenrose, Trübsee, Switzerland. E-M1 MkII, 4/12-100mm Pro Rusty-leaved Alpenrose ( Rhododendron ferrugineum ) Cheers!
  • Replied in Common Coot
    Common Coot feeding its offspring E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm + MC-14 Common Coot ( Fulica atra ) Cheers!
  • One from the archives. What makes this a bit special is the incoming early morning light which was so warm that it gave the bird a green tint instead of the usual blue. E-M1, 2.8/300mm + EC-20 Comm ...
  • Replied in Marsh Tit
    I was standing in the open with the camera and the lens on my tripod. But the tit couldn't resist the attraction of my sunflower seeds. Still, I had to shoot very quickly since it didn't stay put ...
  • Replied in Marsh Tit
    E-M1, 2.8/40-150mm Marsh Tit ( Parus palustris ) Cheers!
  • Replied in Hans...OT ?
    Hi Paul This is the Lenscoat cover with the hood extended: As you can see, the front element is longer than the hood. When the hood is retracted, the cover slides back over the other neoprene rings ...
  • Replied in Tufted Duck
    E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm + MC-14 Tufted Duck ( Aythya fuligula ) Cheers!
  • Thanks for the link. Cheers!
  • Hi everyone, Any users of the avove combo? I am trying to diversify into landscapes and this might be an investment for the future. Thanks in advence and cheers!
  • Thanks a lot, Makarand Cheers!
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