Hans H. Siegrist

Hans H. Siegrist

Lives in Switzerland Boudevilliers, Switzerland
Works as a Physician
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About me:

E-510 (wife), E-M1 MkII, E-M1, Pen-F, XZ-2 (wife)

mZD 7-14 Pro
mZD 12-40 Pro
mZD 12-100 Pro
mZD 40-150 Pro
mZD 300 Pro
mZD 14-42 II R
mZD 40-150
mZD 75-300 II
mZD 45
ZD 14-42 (wife)
ZD 35 macro (wife)
ZD 40-150 (wife)
Sigma 150 Macro
ZD 50-200 SWD
ZD 70-300 (wife)
ZD 300
FL-36R (wife)
Panasonic LUMIX LX3
Panasonic Lumix LX5

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  • European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster) at the nesting wall E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm Pro European Bee-eater ( Merops apiaster ) Cheers
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Unfortunately, some people do feed them in the Alps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dULJPkiysE Cheers!
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Yours might be the Yellow-bellied Marmot ( Marmota flaviventris ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow-bellied_marmot Cheers
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Thanks. In fact, they live in underground burrows which they leave only to harvest fresh grass and flowers in order to accumulate a lot of fat which they need to survive a lengthy hibernation. I ...
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    Lovely series. Do you know what species this is? Cheers!
  • Replied in Alpine Marmot
    It didn't get that close to me... Cheers!
  • Created discussion thread Alpine Marmot
    Now if I can get just a bit closer to that photographer before he runs away... E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm Pro Alpine Marmot ( Marmota marmota ) Cheers!
  • Rusty-leaved Alpenrose, Trübsee, Switzerland. E-M1 MkII, 4/12-100mm Pro Rusty-leaved Alpenrose ( Rhododendron ferrugineum ) Cheers!
  • Replied in Common Coot
    Common Coot feeding its offspring E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm + MC-14 Common Coot ( Fulica atra ) Cheers!
  • One from the archives. What makes this a bit special is the incoming early morning light which was so warm that it gave the bird a green tint instead of the usual blue. E-M1, 2.8/300mm + EC-20 Comm ...
  • Replied in Marsh Tit
    I was standing in the open with the camera and the lens on my tripod. But the tit couldn't resist the attraction of my sunflower seeds. Still, I had to shoot very quickly since it didn't stay put ...
  • Replied in Marsh Tit
    E-M1, 2.8/40-150mm Marsh Tit ( Parus palustris ) Cheers!
  • Replied in Hans...OT ?
    Hi Paul This is the Lenscoat cover with the hood extended: As you can see, the front element is longer than the hood. When the hood is retracted, the cover slides back over the other neoprene rings ...
  • Replied in Tufted Duck
    E-M1 MkII, 4/300mm + MC-14 Tufted Duck ( Aythya fuligula ) Cheers!
  • Thanks for the link. Cheers!
  • Hi everyone, Any users of the avove combo? I am trying to diversify into landscapes and this might be an investment for the future. Thanks in advence and cheers!
  • Thanks a lot, Makarand Cheers!
  • No problem. I loved your Azures when we went on an excursion by boat along the Daintree River in Queensland, my wife and I, more than 20 years ago (in 1997). Your birds are a little bit smaller ...
  • Thanks Ron. The Belted Kingfisher may well be a bit less colourful than ours but I'm sure it would make a great picture mating. Cheers!
  • Thanks Dennis. You may notice that on the second picture the Kingfisher's wings are less extended vertically so that I managed to crop out the branch. :-) I suppose we'll have to wait for spring in ...
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