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flangad: One question:

Most of those cameras are little bit "big" for a compact camera.
For a only slightly bigger package, you can get Panasonic GX1+14-42X pancake zoom or Sony NEX6 + 16-50PZ pancake zoom.
This give much larger sensors, but you loose wide apertune.... so, what is the best?

Do those "large sensor with extreme compacted zoom lenses" really bring better image quality than the compacts cameas of this review or not?

I've been searching for small interchangle lens solutions, but discovered that it doesnt really exist.
Or not on any kind of budget, at least.

Those pancake lenses you talk about they really dont retract that much, so its only when you compare the body against a compact that you feel it could be an alternative, but as soon as you start to look at lenses you discover, that with excaption for som fixed zoom lenses they are all too thick to be pocketeble in any way.

And then you look at the specs of those zoom lenses, and quickly discover that if you want decent aperature size, well they you have to pile up a lot of chash.

The retraction of the lens, goes a long way if you want to be able to pocket a camera.
But sure, some of these really are on the big side, but some users look at the "pro" compact category, because of the flexible zoom lenses, and as a way to not have to bring their more professional gear with them all the time, du to value or the size (including lens kit)

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On article Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras (424 comments in total)
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Timmbits: I'm really skeptical at their "conclusions". They seem to have simply "forgotten" that the Samsung has a f1.4 lens, like the LX7. Both of these should have rated better than the S110, and the Samsung been a better alternative to wifi which the canon has.
Also, I find that DPR is confusing EXR mode with Night mode. EXR isn't just "night". A subtle "mistake" to slam the manufacturer and favor another? Either this is going on, or the reviewers aren't paying attention. Pick one. Neither bodes well for an eroding reputation.

It makes far more sense to split categories by body size over sensor size.
1st of all, sensor size, actually says nothing about image quality. How many pixels have they fitted, how tightly have they fitted them, what is the individual sixe of each pixel, and the sensor actually nay good at all. And then we have the optics, that could easily ruin a great big sensor.

2ndly, this is a review of "pro"-compacts, those are often used as complements to better cameras, and then size is often a prioroty, otherwise people would just bring the better camera they have.
or people are checking this out, cause they've understood that their mobiles dont give them much of low light performance, and thus are willing to invest in a pro compact to complement the mobile, and therefore want something they can pocket.

Sure, one can find size out for themselves, but there are thousands of cameras in DPs database, and really no way to filter out the best current pocketable ones for "pro" use.

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