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  • I've been thinking about this story my friend told me, and I wanted some opinions on it. A photographer took some photos of him and only sent him the ones that he felt was good. But my friend ...
  • "free speech" and "censorship" only applies to the government. It does not apply to companies and the internet. If companies and websites don't want certain things being said, then they have the...

  • Sorry, I actually meant Ricoh. I keep on forgetting to separate the two when speaking about the past.

  • I actually think thrift stores are the way to go. I found a fully functional Minolta X-700 at a Value Village out here in Washington. I've also seen old film Rebels, those Sears branded Pentax and...

  • I haven't been on DP Review for long but one thing I've noticed (not sure if it's a common belief or not) and try to keep in mind is that DP Review isn't really a "photography" site but a gear...

  • Wow I think the photos for this still holds up great. As someone else mentioned if you're not a sports or wildlife photographer you can still use this camera and be completely fine.

  • Thanks for the warning, but I already looked up if it would play nice with my digital camera and it definitely will not. That's fine, already have a flash for it. I'm just happy that it works and ...
  • Lol oh yeah definitely in that way too. I'm just so used to thinking in terms of aperture and Sutter because I'm used to automatic. But I'm paying more mind to distance and aperture using my film ...
  • Created discussion thread Old Manual flash settings help
    Hi, an old manual flash came with a film camera that I bought, and I just want some understanding of the settings for it. My educated guess on how it works is that you set the ASA to match the ...
  • Created discussion thread Nishika f-20 bounce flash
    I'm just looking for information on Nishika's f-20 flashes. I got one at a thrift store with a film camera but I can't find anything about it online at all. The only thing that comes up is the ...
  • Yeah I'll just buy it. If I end up never using it,  I can just use it as decoration like I was going to do with the X-700 if it didn't work.
  • Created discussion thread Thrift Store Manual Flash.
    Hey everyone, hope your day is going great. I lucked out and was able to get a  fully functional Minolta X-700 at a thrift store for $8. The thrift store also had a manual flash (forgot what ...
  • I'm happy I'm not the only one confused about Canon numbering. At first I thought it was because I haven't been doing photography for long.

    And also I guess having multiple products make sense...

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    This is kinda random, and I'm probably late to the party, but what happened to DP "Experience" section for reviews? While stats and hard numbers are cool, I always liked reading about the...

  • The N8 was a real beast of a phone. My friend had it and the camera and phone in general was really high quality. Too bad what happened to Nokia tho.

  • Created discussion thread Question on post processing style
    Hey everyone, I hope your day is going well. I would just like to start by stating that these are NOT my photos. I'm just using them as a point of reference for my question. Which is what style of ...
  • Anyone has an idea why companies stop putting distance scales on lenses? While I hardly shoot manual (except in this instance) it just seems to be a useful thing to have.
  • Thank you for recognizing how amazing I am. Your acknowledgement makes the burden of my greatness more bearable. But no I could care less about improving anyone's visibility, including my own.
  • Both. I was going to write both so there wouldn't be any confusion, but this is what I get for being lazy Smh.
  • Oh sorry, I meant lens with the focus scale on them.
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