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HeyItsJoel: Felony for that? BS.

I tell you these power-tripping pigs have nothing better to do. You give them a gun and they think they're Hitler.

They should and will be prosecuted, I'm sure it will be reduced from a felony, people like this need to learn a lesson for being stupid before Darwin teaches them the ultimate lesson.

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On article In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes (335 comments in total)

Very nice work, I also prefer B and W some times

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2152 comments in total)

How sad all the camera bashing, this is a solid camera that will sell many tens of thousands, if you want better video, there are other cameras, if you want a solid camera that will last you for years with a line up of the best lenses this is it. I don't want mirrorless, I want a viewfinder on a great DSLR, go buy a Sony and stop the whining like a bunch of school children, This site is sad to visit anymore.

PS, nice review by the way, keep it up. Its not an easy thing to do with a camera like this.

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I care, they are upping the ante and forcing other manufacturers hands, that will benefit all of us. If they didn't make this stuff in China, none of us could afford these things. Lens is probably by Largan (, I heard Sony could not keep up with supply so this is not a Sony sensor. Whatever the make or brand, it benefits photographers.

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On article Opinion: Park vandals need to be stopped (334 comments in total)

Like others have said, public shaming would be best, not destroying their lives. I do hope these people are prosecuted for this. DPR please follow up. Thanks.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1179 comments in total)
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dennis tennis: Rubbish, no fully articulating rear LCD, not pocketable, not Snapchat friendly, too heavy for my selfie stick.

I think he is very funny, thanks Dennis, this site needs more of that

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On photo Sunrise at Porters Lake in the Abstract Photo of a Sunset or Sunrise challenge (6 comments in total)

well done

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (85 comments in total)
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Battersea: Looking forward to a review. The specs are fine but the big improvements will be the focusing and ISO performance which we will only know when the reviews come in.

look for a review at The Digital Picture

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On article In Fine Detail: Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R In-Depth Review (747 comments in total)

Good and thorough review Rishi, Canon need to hear this. Its unfortunate that Canon have not caught up yet with their sensor technology, we can only hope that will happen soon. Canon glass and color rendition are the only things keeping me in the Canon camp, experimenting with the A7RII and D800E has shown me what direction Canon really need to go.

I heard rumor Canon would be using on sensor ADC conversion in their next sensor, I can only hope its true, perhaps a version of BSI, we'll see.....

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2179 comments in total)
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Boissez: Sony sure makes great cameras. Maybe, just maybe, they should consider making more lenses to match those great bodies.

that is not true, its main tenant is to get rid of the mirror and try to compete with DSLR's, you will see FE mount f/2.8 zooms very soon and this camera's is pretty much for any one that can afford it. If you want lite by f/4 zooms, if that's your market.

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On article Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II USM real-world sample gallery (129 comments in total)

Nice Beer shot : )

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madeinlisboa: Time to separate good photographers from Photoshopers...

what nonsense

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Editing RAW is no different than editing film in the dark room, if your not shooting RAW your throwing away the equivalent of the negative. Reuters will change their mind on this one eventually.

If there is a need for speed the photographer will shoot RAW+JPG and send the JPG, no need for speed then they should be able to process the RAW. Each camera type processes RAW based on the manufacturers specs, not Reuters specs, how will that be consistent?

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2179 comments in total)
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Boissez: Sony sure makes great cameras. Maybe, just maybe, they should consider making more lenses to match those great bodies.

Sony needs to make them because Zeiss is not currently making them, I want to buy in to a system that I know will be backed by Sony, not Zeiss. I also want f/2.8, I don't want to shoot at ISO 109k, f/2.8 gives you something f/4 does not, if you have not tried it, you should.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2179 comments in total)
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Boissez: Sony sure makes great cameras. Maybe, just maybe, they should consider making more lenses to match those great bodies.

Its very valid,Sony still does not produce the f/2.8 Pro caliber zooms or very long primes....

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1494 comments in total)

at least they got the focus toggle that Sony forgot and the EVF might finally have arrived, think Ill go with the A7rII though....

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indeed a great capture

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how come no one is having a problem with Sony's compressed RAW, all I see is people complaining about other cameras, as a landscape photographer I want un-compressed RAW files so I dont have artifacts, I'm guesiing Sony has a problem with this that they are not letting on about it.

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