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OldZorki: When actually DP1 Merill will be out? As a lot of people (including Sigma fanboys) pointed out, the camera hardly usable for anything else but landscapes. If that is the case, 28mm is way more desirable FL then 45mm.

Chad - could not have said it better. Seldom make these kinds of remark - but too tempting. Actually sitting here reading all these gurus and having the laugh of my life. Really feel sorry for Lxstorm and his ilk for having such frail egos! They are missing so much and I hope they get lives. Some people always HAVE to be right and be THE experts. The powers that be must love them because, it would seem, they have come to no discernable harm - yet. But life is long!

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chalnicolas: I wish they would offer their sensor in a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Ideally join m43 and become the third company to build bodies for that mount … I guess they could sell a lot and also foster the sales of their own current and future m43 lenses!

Do you actually OWN one? I love all the knowing comments from those 'expert theorists.' Let's all bow and kowtow - really low this time. I have a dp1s, dp2x and an sd15 (for fixed focus lenses.) My old Leica M6, used professionally, did not have video or auto-focus. My Sinar took was not exactly a point and shoot, nor did it have a millionth of the pizazz of todays cheapest point and snoot cameras. It just worked (probably still does) and worked well, and, heaven forfend, you actually had to use a light meter! The Sigmas are designed for still photography and I would certainly compare results to a Leica M6 and Kodachrome - better, I think. I have no love for nostalgia, hypo, running back and forth to the processor's nor their bills. And what's more, all you have to do is point a Dp somewhere, et viola, l'image splendide!

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On article First Impressions: Using the Nikon D800 (307 comments in total)

I have no preference, though I think Nikon is, overall better. For the best possible quality (without all the bells and whistles,) please consider the 46mp Sigma cameras. I have the latest DP1 and 2 as well as an SD15.

Both the Nikon and Canon use the Bayer color filter system and anti-alias (blurring) screen. The 36 mp layout has 50% green 25% red and 25% blue. The missing red and green information must be interpolated (guessed). The 46 mp Sigma Foveon provides full color information at each (larger) pixel without loss by filters or algorithmic estimations. The Sigma is dedicated to producing suburb still photography.

The Nikon is certainly a marvel, but its physical limitations limit rendition of images. Note that there are to types of movie sensor systems. One is like the old Technicolor system the uses three sensors and a color separation system. which provides quality similar to the Foveon and produces color like color film. The other uses the faster Bayer system.

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