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whensly: why are they comparing the LX100 to the GX7 and not the GM5?

oh and you can find deals for at GX7's around 5-600 dollars as opposed to pre-ordering a cam noone has ever seen for $900 before tax and shipping.

Whaaaat? Fuji lenses equal or better any pana/oly lenses. and no duds in the bunch. And the (Non-pancake) primes don't rely on software correction. They are fully optically corrected.
Fuji is behind in AF speed and lack of IBIS, but the lenses are stellar! M43 is kinda hit and miss with lenses, and they feel plastic and cheap compared to Fuji.

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DouglasGottlieb: The Panasonic 15mm also features an aperture ring -- the Nocti is not the only option.

But it is the aperture ring and control dials of the LX100 that I find most attractive. The fixed lens looks like a marvel, but I'd rather have flexibility and more resolution. Depth-by-defocus focusing, 4K video, and 11fps burst shooting are also a draw.

But as much as I love the specs and size of the LX100, I think I'll hold out for an LX8 that has the same controls and interchangeable lenses.

Panasonic is really on to something with these controls. I hope they carry them throughout the entire lineup and add aperture rings to all new lenses. Now if only Oly would do the same, or at least support the rings...

Then they could call it a Fuji

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