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  • Only for 15mts....years ago it as 5 paces, the ball had to be grounded before the lead foot was on the fifth step, but then we went metric. That's good then, you will realize just how many long ...
  • Don't know why but when I look at this I think of Kev. He use to talk of always being nude and suntanned, kept trying tell me a suntan was a good thing to do despite skin cancer. Andy
  • I am sure he does check in to off topic. I sent a PM to him early in the year to do with street photography, I think it was only about 12 hrs before he answered. Andy
  • Replied in Super Bowl L
    It would still take a week to play it.
  • Aussie rules has every right to be called football. Australian rules football is all about kicking the ball, there is no throwing of the ball. It can be handballed to another player. Andy
  • ""the need to be different."" The amount of people that sport tattoos these days would make us clean skins the different ones. ""attention-seeking. Low self-image."" I know lots of people that are ...
  • If you are going to just roll off cut and past on Monsanto products and look like one of their sales persons then you need to state where you are coming from. Do you work for Monsanto .??? Is not ...
  • The strange thing I find is that any other form of word gets by, as you have shown. May be they think that the have done a enough and have a clear conscience  on the matter and can sleep at night ...
  • You need to ask why Monsanto is happy to promote GM foods. Could it be because they have the only crops that can be sprayed with Glyphosate? In the case of grain crops it is against the law for a ...
  • That's more than a bit irrelevant, well done. But then I think that the 170 aren't too worried about being "falsely attributed" with genius! You may find that 170 of your nation’s top economists ...
  • May be,thunk. Who would have thunk! But then there is the hill billies definition, ...
  • when you got 170 of the nation’s top economists saying one thing, and one fruitloop who disagrees and calls it "basic economics" . Try's giving us a "basic economics" lesson, calls everyone "dude", ...
  • Fancy buying a car of a guy like him, or for that matter a side of meat. . A ndy
  • Created discussion thread Is Huds back as Bigskip ?
    Bigskip = a large movable rubbish bin, sounds like Huds. Just easing his way in maybe? .Andy
  • Replied in Tax Tax Tax
    70 year old couple won $70million last Thursday, got the whole lot. No tax in Australia . With only 24 million of us and maybe only half of those buying tickets i like our odds here better. .Andy
  • I think that was the bird that died about two year ago in the Adelaide zoo. . A ndy
  • You will still have to insure your driver less car in case it drivers into another driverless car having a bad day.
  • All those licensees that have to be renewed yearly. All the driving schools that will go by the board. All the driving instructors out of work. All the cars the wont be bought for those schools. Al ...
  • I think that the first thing is to determine how you want your shot to look, how is the back ground going to be. Hence DOF or depth of field. This is achieved with the aperture setting. A shot of ...
  • So far in 2015, a whopping 43 toddlers have picked up a firearm and inadvertently shot either themselves or another person. That’s about one shooting per week, according to the Washington Post. Wel ...
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