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jmclean: Great article, Ben! Thanks for posting. Not everyone on this forum is gracious enough to say something positive: let me credit you for your generosity in sharing! Hope you don't regret putting your thoughts and experiences out here. And may you never get blisters!

Gear heads? Differing views? Post links to your articles! Haters? Such behavior is very unbecoming: learn to show a little class. That would be nice in these difficult times.

Anonymous posting will always have inappropriate comments. There is famous case from the 70's where employees were able to do a performance evaluation of their supervisors while being anonymous. The comments they were left were terrible and unhelpful. When mgmt went to the employees and did a live interview about the same supervisors the evaluations were much more valuable and positive. Rail all you want about online comments but the negativity will never go away when the writers identities are hidden. By the way, apart from these views, what did you think of the article?

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I really like the images this camera can make. I especially like jpeg's shot in BW using the yellow filter. With the yellow filter and a couple more setting adjustments one can get a nice glow in the image. I also like the Nikon 24mp sensor that is in the D5500, D3300 and D7200. I take primarily urban images and I think that sensor renders concrete, asphalt and other building materials in a really nice way. But if I had to choose between the two I would probably find making images with the Fuji closer to what I want my mages to look like. $499 is a nice price for the X-E2.

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darwiniandude: These comments are woeful.

Android is just (IMO) a really ghastly experience. But if you like it, more power to you.

So, which android phones has a second camera which is longer than the main one? Which have anything close to an f2.8 56mm lens inside?


A few years ago I switched to Android and I ended up giving the phone to a friend. I recently got the Galaxy 7 to try Android again and love it. It feels much more open than the Apple iOS. It is not a "ghastly" experience at all. The bottom line is that I could care less what phone people use or why they use it. I think people should try different things from time to time. One should also try camera's that may not meet a gear head's must-have check list as long as the image created is useful to the art one is making.

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DocGer: Just picked up my GX85 body, which will be a 2nd body to supplement my GX8, allowing me to have 2 lenses available in situations where lens changes are risky. Also as a better fit to my really long 100-400 mm, without having to use the GX8's shutter-shock work-around of electronic shutter.

The camera itself is much as expected, and will undoubtedly "do the job".

BUT, Panasonic have really cheaped out (at least in Canada) by not providing a separate battery charger. Instead they include a wall wart and quite short USB cable, to charge batteries in the camera. This of course makes it impossible to use the camera while it is charging a battery, a process of several hours. I can't imagine it saves them any significant money, and really puts this body into the amateur class.

There are after-market chargers available, but really, given the price of the body, should one have to spend even more for the convenience of using a camera while charging another battery!

Exactly right.

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Streetutopia: Does anyone know how long the motor mechanisms in the lens last? $700-$900 for a camera that uses a motor seems risky--but I never see this issue mentioned in reviews.

Thank you!

Pat, thanks. So is that it? There are hundreds of reviews of new camera's but never a mention of durability apart from how if feels to the hand (build quality). In the recent past most motorized lenses were part of a point and shoot. But now manufacturers are making $1000 cameras with motorized lenses. The real question about whether to purchase the camera is to me how long I will be able to use the camera. I also prefer small cameras. So, for now I have settled on the GM1 and GM5 for my camera's. I think it is pretty chickensh*t for the reviewing orgs to not look into camera durability.

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I was at the University of New Mexico in the 70's. Because of the schools great photography department, and due to the school being in a the middle of the great southwest it attracted many photographers who came to the state to photograph and were willing to give lectures to students while they were in the area. One night Adams came and spoke about many different topics and he showed us slides of both his art and some behind the scenes activities. One of the things I found most interesting was that he made a print each time a print was ordered by a customer-there weren't always copies sitting around that he could send off to the buyer. He said that his aesthetic sensibility changed over time and how he printed a photo would change through the years often yielding very different results. I liked that his art wasn't static to him but rather there was an artistic sense always in play and that the image didn't simply stay in a can unchanged-it constantly evolved.

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Does anyone know how long the motor mechanisms in the lens last? $700-$900 for a camera that uses a motor seems risky--but I never see this issue mentioned in reviews.

Thank you!

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Beckler8: The B&H website confirms the stupidity (IMO) of the design:

"...a versatile point-and-shoot marrying both form and function. Designed to be as sleek as possible, the ZS100..."

But ok, maybe some people want "sleek" instead of usable. So why not release the same camera in a version designed to be used? I'm talking proper button/dial size and layout, grip, something innovative like illuminated and more custom controls. I have zero interest in an all-smooth design to satisfy some subjective 'style' desire. I say subjective because I find the clean layout of a pro-dslr look infinitely more pleasing than the dumbed-down apple-look of this unit.

Thanks for that interesting analysis. When I was looking at the camera today I thought "I wonder what the grumpy DP readers will say about this camera. " Now I know.

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Great idea. If someone is going to 'mine' public resources for their own personal financial gain, they SHOULD pay to do that. Even the 5 painted Victorians along Alamo Square in San Francisco copyrighted their homes to stop people from profiting from making postcards of their property.

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I am curious to how long one might expect the cameras electrical/mechanical lens to function? I think the Nikon V1 was thoughtful in this regard as it uses attachable manual lenses. I didn't mind having such a lens on a cheap point and shoot but the Rx100 is not a cheap point and shoot. Does anyone have any data on the reliability of RX100 lens or comparable mechanical lenses?

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Chris. Thank you for the article on the external battery pack. I am a city planner and we do a lot of field recordings of project sites and also pedestrian interviews. This is exactly what we need (and hence we ordered the materials) to help us with long field recording sessions.

I went to your web page and I like your inquisitive nature and they way you are trying to solve problems and innovate. Keep it up! This board is notoriously grumpy so take their feedback with a grain of salt.

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brn: Nothing against the Chirs, but why is this worthy of posting on DPReview? It's using a DC Coupler for what a DC Coupler is designed for. Where's the news here?
All Chris did was mount the battery in a very inconvenient location. I can see my head hitting the battery or the cable. Not to mention, losing the ability to attach a flash or even the ability to use the built-in flash.

Actually, I was glad to see the article about the battery and hope that DP Review keeps a diversity of articles coming. A narrow focus makes for a boring web site. Thanks DP- I for one appreciate the work you do !

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ryansholl: ANOTHER BODY?!






Did I about cover it?

I like Sony and appreciate their constant innovation. I like this camera and will probably buy it. I use older manual Zeiss and Nikon lenses and don't really care about Sony lenses.

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Empies: There are no bad cameras, there are bad photographers

In the 80's MOMA in NYC gave out cheap little point and shoot film cameras to a bunch of famous painters and asked them to submit a photo or two for an exhibition. The photo's were all wonderful as one would expect from a group of great painters. The camera made absolutely no difference to the composition, etc of the photographs. I see people on this site arguing about whether a certain camera has x number of pixels or a certain dial in a certain place on the camera. What most of you should be thinking about is composition, an interesting subject, etc and not camera specs.

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M Hamilton: Ricoh is awesome, adding features to a 3 year old camera. Still love my GRD IV

I agree.

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For me it all comes down to image quality. I am axious to see some sample images. This could be intesting with the low-pass filter eliminated.

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I have read through comments on this board several times before and it is alway so negative, grumpy and not too helpful. I get the feeling that everyone who posts on this site is a grear head and is stuck on tech specs and not on the actual art creating part of photography.

I happen to like the Sony RX100 as I am someone who always has a camera with me but can't stand DSLR's (too big, heavy,). The Sony IQ is great and is helped along by using DXO software that corrects for lens deficiencies.

I know, I know, you all hate DXO , Sony, blah blah blah.

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fakuryu: Even if Pentax-Ricoh's offerings are a bit lack luster or attention grabber (except for that DA 560mm f5.6) compared to what the other brands are offering, it is undeniable that the K5/K5II/K5IIs with those Limited primes are a beautyand has class leading IQ

I agree with you. All these people citing DXO numbers as if they mean anything. The only thing that means anything is the quality of the actual images the camera produces. I am not a Pentax owner but am going to spring to the K-5 II s. After looking at hundreds of images the K-5 has superior results....much better than the Nikon 5100/7000 (that i have), etc. So I agree with your statement re: IQ. We need more artist on this board and fewer tech spec followers.

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I like what Pentax is doing. I know a lot of photographers are into tech metrics but I am more interested in the image. Not the quality as usually quantified but simply the way it looks (aesthetics). Although I don't own a K5 I have felt that the images created by that camera are sensational.

I also believe not having an AA filter will dramatically increase the quality of the final image--more so than going to a 24mp camera.

Small size, weather sealed, great images, etc makes me a buyer for the "S" model.

Finally, I siimply don't understand why everyone is complaining at this time without first seeing the new camera's output/images.

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