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  • The iPhone can shoot at 1/125,000 sec. How's that 1DXii to shoot at a fixed shutter speed of 1/125,000th to freeze motion? Answer: The 1DXii won't even get a shot, while the iPhone will get a great ...
  • Ah yes, that tried and true cop-out: "they were snapshots." As I said before, tough luck! As a smartphone snapshot-taker, you're in no position to deliver pronouncements on my significantly better ...
  • My smartphone shots beat yours, hands-down (prove me wrong, if you've got the stones for it...). Hilarious, a vertiginous top shot--the "tilted" cliche--and a bottom one with no foreground ...
  • Splendid! Love how that took just a few seconds. It's great to see their terrific support for layers and transformations. We already have desperate halo-hunters policing smartphone shots, and I ...
  • Yep. Seeing is believing. It can certainly be done...and done well! The tide is shifting. One by one, the last few remaining barriers are toppling like dominos.
  • My apologies for interjecting, but I sincerely do believe that is an unfounded assumption.
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    Those photos bear my copyright. Why don't you go ahead and test it? I'll be only too happy to disabuse you of your position. ;-) I'd love to strike gold and take down a publisher. Go ahead...don't ...
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    iPhone shot (copyrighted):
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    You're a bit slow on the uptake, but I'm glad to see you finally get with the program and caught up to speed. This hard work and a dirty job. But somebody's gotta do it! Another one ...
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    I'm waiting for the self-anointed Halo-hunter to loose his quiver of righteous red arrows on this one. Hope he'll answer the dog-whistle again with as much alacrity as he did before!
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    Hardly. They were--and are--of little consequence to an overall great image that has slapped around some so hard all they can see are haloes (and maybe, stars, too?). You're welcome! I'm surprised ...
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    The iphone can shoot up to 1/125,000s. Poor "halo"-hunting bast___d: ...
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    Oh, they're there--oodles and oodles of them. Uh huh, yes, definitely.
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    The musk of desperation is strong on this one...
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    Gotta love how my iPhone nailed the shot on this one: Can't get your smartphone to take great shots? Tough luck! Not everyone has what it takes.
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    I've sometimes said that smartphones have a way of separating the truly good photographers from the very average (if that!) ones. The latter often rely on cheap parlor tricks (shallow DOF is a big ...
  • People with conventional cameras often have a harder--much harder--time finding something interesting to shoot. Why? Because the cameras are encumbrances that are often left at home and interesting ...
  • The other day, I saw an Oldsmobile driving on the highway. Apart from DSLRs, I think we should all pause and observe a moment of silence for some other dearly departed things in our lives:
  • You look at Interbrand's Top 100 Global Brands of 2019 and Apple is #1. Where is Canon? Where is Nikon? Nowhere! Looking at Japan's Best Global Brands , Nikon is near the bottom--where it belongs. ...
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