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On article Gear of the Year 2021: Barney's choice - Nikon Z9 (513 comments in total)
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DarkShift: Considering amount of noise and whining from Sony users, the Z9 has been already great success.

Who, me? Where?

Also, i think Nikon fans used to badmouth canon users, not Sony. Why did you make the switch?

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Great advertisement.... Uh i mean review!

Nobody paid anyone any money for this totally fair assessment of a $4000 laptop that cannot be fixed or upgraded. "Well worth the money", like DPR says.

But seriously, how much cash did they(DPR) get? If Apple paid me some money, i'd be totally be on board with these "reviews":
"The very modestly priced $4000 Macbook is by far the best laptop on the market and the best computer ever made, actually. The benchmarks don't lie. Buy yours today while stocks last, and forget about trying other machines- seriously, don't look at other machines. Only macbooks come with the totally virus safe MacOS, which is so easy to use a cimpanzee could do it(we ran tests).
Get your fault free Macbook today! ".

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Olyinaz: I have the 16" version and my unit has the malfunctioning MagSafe charging system. Will not charge. USB-C charging is fine, so I'm not dead in the water but after having this problem I have discovered online that it's common. That SUCKS Apple. I know they'll fix or replace it, but what a PITA and not what you'd expect out of a new $2600 laptop.

The reviewer said these are the best laptops and totally worth the money, so you are wrong.

That being said, this DPR "review" is a paid advertisment so everything they say about the machine is null.

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On article Apple iPhone 13 Pro sample gallery (461 comments in total)
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ProDude: I'm sure many will be just fine with this type of result. In a pinch if you're not going to have a camera on you I suppose it's better then not getting a memory. But the mush and lack of detail isn't anything I personally would deal with. To each their own as they say

Why on Earth would people visit a photography forum, discuss expensive heavy lenses and sensor size if all they ever wanted to begin with it taking pictures with their iPhones??

This is like visiting the Porsche showroom before buying a Toyota Yaris(with sealed engine).

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AsterAstraAsteria: I dare anyone who think he can see the difference between HD and 4K, to compare the real world examples of HD and 4K *at the same bitrate*.
It is as unfair to compare full frame and 1-inch at the same f/8 as giving 4K a 4x bitrate advantage.

I did the test, you can tell 4K even on a 32 inch 1080p panel, did not expect that. Camera used was a panny tz100.

However that doesn't mean i now cannot live without 4K, on the contrary. 4K files are huge relative to the benefit they bring. Because of that i still prefer 1080p for everything.

4K/8K bring benefits that sometimes are overshadowed by the requirements they bring. I'm not going to buy 12 tb of extra storage just to store all the new 4K video i could be making.

No sir, 1080p is good enough for me.

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sirhawkeye64: AS mentioned, this also shows how well built cameras back in the day are. I mean cameras of today would literally melt or possibly become severely disfigured due to the types of materials used in today bodies in an effort to make them lighter but still relatively durable. Just shows the quality of the time I guess. Somewhere along the line we've lost that sense of quality and design over the years (yes there are some robust cameras today, but cameras like this are a true sign of quality and thoughtful design, IMO).

Not really, Kai did try to burn a canon dslr on youtube years back, the camera was still working after getting melted... Good video btw.

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Everything is great until you realize 90% of Apple users shoot video in portrait mode.... That's not even a joke.

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RobPul: In the meantime, in one of the largest photography communities in Germany, Nikon just won the overall user choice award (Z7 II), the best APSC mirrorless award (Z50) and a bunch of other awards for best DSLRs and lenses.

There are specs-reading YouTubers, and then there are actual photographers who do use the gear...

Nikon's share of the mirrorless market has been slowly but consistently growing since when the Z system was introduced, and with mostly mid-level and therefore not cheap FF cameras, so they're doing more than one thing right.

Nikon? Didn't know they still make cameras...

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perry rhodan: Im at a loss here. This canon is substantially better in IQ compared to any RX100(x). By a very larger margin. Its miles better. It completely trounced the Sony's. Mind you I have the RXIV. Recently sold the g5x(1) because of the so-so lens and lack of speed. Still find it stupid the canon lost the hotshoe, fully articulating screen and the sturdy EVF. But the IQ is certainly there. GAS, šŸ˜

In the comparing DPR bars the sony RX100IV JPEG is better then this canon. While the RAWS are equal. Serious?

Extremely difficult to believe, since:
1. The canon design is obviously copying the rx100.
2. It uses a sony sensor.
3. Lens performance looks to be streched to the limit in order to provide more zoom.
4. In terms of performance, the rx100 series are the reference cameras in the compact camera segment since 2012, despite their high price and other companies' attempts at challenging that.

As a side note, the macro performance of the canon lens seems to be better than what a rx100 would provide. Canon colors/WB are also more accurate.

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On article Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II review (271 comments in total)
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NYCman530: Trying to figure out why DP Review gave the G5X ll a lower low light score on the graph than the Panasonic ZS200, which has a slower lens.

.... Because the sensor is performing worse even with the bright lens??

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Sweet ride, dude.

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