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Gordon123: This camera looks interesting, largely as it is so small, yet great stabilization. We do a lot of hiking and currently have a G9 which sits at home as it is too big and heavy for most trips, so action cameras used in lieu (mostly take video and the odd photo). Truthfully would have switched to a Sony, but most are out of stock so considering this or a Canon M6 II. Former could use my existing pany lenses (2) and better in poor weather, but that’s never really been an issue. Latter much better AF I believe, and simply easier to use (less work needed on final product). Welcome any advice!

I had both and sold the M6 II. The M5 III is more fun to use and M6 II looks and feels cheap and plasticky, no IBIS, no VF, less customisable etc.

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smozes: Looking back, it’s taken Canon about a decade to transition to mirrorless

EOS-m was mirrorless

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Lukedriftwood: 2596 dimming zones to be precise, which means about 20mm2 of screen area per zone for the 12.9 inch model. Each zone is about 4.4mm in width and length.

is it good or is it bad?

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Photographer124: This, combined with the Samyang 35mm f/2.8, could be an interesting proposition for travel... I am most likely buying one.

EOS RP + RF 35 f/1.8 would also be fine. Maybe a little bit bigger but lighter and cheaper

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I would say it was more "a lot of questions" instead of "first impression" ;-)

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In Germany when there is a cash-back promotion, normally you buy for example a camera at regular price, pay regular taxes and then apply for the cash-back and the manufacturer will give it to you within a couple of weeks. In some cases, the retailer gives you the cash-back right away and will get it back from the manufacturer to make the process easier for you. This does not mean that you will pay less taxes in the second case.

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williams359: so does it have the rumoured duel sd card slots. I can not see any mention of this.

vscd, it is really an interesting idea. There is a hand-shake in the communication protocol but an electronic in between could take care of the protocol towards camera and both cards and forward write-accesses to both cards. Perhaps there are mechanical limitations ...

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Alex Rathmann: It is a very nice camera, but this camera can not replace my Fuji XT3, because of the sharpness and color and ergonomics

@MamiyaMax: sharpness also depends on if the cammera has an anti-aliasing filter or not

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Marty4650: Kit lenses should come with entry level cameras only. It just makes absolutely no sense to bundle a mid range $1,000 camera with a kit lens. I currently own five M4/3 kit lenses, and really don't need one more.

14-42mm lens came with EP1
14-42mm lens came with EPL2
12-50mm lens came with EM5
12-32mm lens came with GM1
12-32mm lens came with GX85

and the lens I use most is a 12-40mm lens I purchased for my EM1.

Body only can be bought right away on for 945 Euros

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chrissf: wow.. it can draw yellow box around eye.
that sure is key to having a great af tracking system

if the system knows the position of the eye, it can draw a box around it or automatically choose the right focus point. No need for the photographer to do that any more. The challenge is detecting the
position of the eye in the frame

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Imager of: I have both the Panasonic G9 and canons 80D and the bigger canon sensor is just so much better when it comes to stills image quality. I think I’m done with micro 4/3rds.

I have the G9 and the M5. The image quality is the same.

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DotCom Editor: Version 1.0 of anything is often immature, incomplete, and far from perfect, whether it's a camera or a spreadsheet. It's usually the third iteration that finally gets it completely right. That means we're about five years away from a Canon mirrorless that I'd consider purchasing. Until then, my 5D4 bodies will do very nicely, thank you.

The first EOS-M was a disappointment as it came out (due to very bad autofocus). The price was 800,-Euros at the beginning but it soon dropped to around 300,-
But now, after several years, the new generations are not bad at all.
So this shows that your statement might be correct.

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@Karroly: you made my day! I absolutely agree. I have copied your post and will forward it to my wife ;-)

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M O W A T E N: Goodness gracious. the price is up since the Mavic Pro 1 and Platinum! The cost of the Hasselblad partnership?

the MSRP is 1449 in both Euro and Dollar... however $1449 = 1255€ !!! Again, Europeans are paying a much higher price for a reduced flight range due to legislation.

I'll never get used to this, if you people have the opportunity to buy it from the US or Canada, do it without hesitating.

the price in Europe includes 19% tax. So it is actually cheaper in Europe

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