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On article Apple applies for dual-sensor camera patent (70 comments in total)

dual sensor and dual lens? side by side? there will be parallax issues, no?

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Hello, are you aware of rumours, that despite exceptional optical quality, this lens is prone to sucking dust inside?

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On article Wyoming's stunning weather and landscapes in time-lapse (231 comments in total)

Fantastic job, really!

just a side comment: the article says "20,000 photographs in the video that runs at 24fps"

however, 24fps x 6'50" = approx 10,000 frames. Why the double?

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On article Samsung announces curved Galaxy Round (143 comments in total)

It's called "round", which we usual imagine as somehow "spherical". However it looks rather "cylindrical", which is "round" indeed, but only when appropriately projected onto a 2D surface, not in the 3D of your hands!

However, looks nice for people loving the feeling of a phone close to their body.

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It seems having been designed exclusively for a US collector. The focusing ring shows distances in feet only...

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