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Whats the viewfinder quality in that A7 II?
I played with the first generation A7 but I found the viewfinder inadequate compared to my E-M5!

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RikMaxSpeed: I'm disappointed that Olympus have not included in-camera Panorama & HDR modes (or GPS).

This leaves me in the weird situation that my phone remains a more versatile camera than my "proper" camera. At least Sony do a decent job on these features. What I don't understand about this is that panorama & HDR are purely software features, getting the most out of the hardware, and they should not be difficult to implement (I'm a software developer).

My main camera is an OMD M5 Mark I, and I can't really see any major reason to upgrade other than the built-in WiFi ?? Not only that, the image quality according to this review is not as good as its predecessor!!!!

I use the Galaxy Note 4 with its extremely easy stitch panorama mode. Works like a charm. Too bad the sensor is waaaaay behind my e-m5 mark 1, although he Note's 4 sensor and camera was the best (iphone came distant second place) before the S6 and G4 came around

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Future Olympus: if the next iteration of E-M1 would have the same technology as E-M5 2 including even better EVF and 4k video, I would be happy to save money for a year to upgrade to it from my E-M5.

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J A C S: "He said that users of sensors with a similar number of pixels to 40 million had to use a tripod all the time to make their images look sharp, but that OM-D users could switch between using a tripod and not, according to the resolution mode set on the camera."

BS. FF users with high res sensors do not need a tripod all the time for sharp images, and they have the lower resolution option as well (Canon has lower res "RAW"s in-camera, for example).

Are you sure that you did not interview an m43 forum member posing as an Olympus representative?

As an e-m5 user I don't understand the Olympus statement. Full frame 40+ mp should have advantage every time over OMD.

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10fps is slow when the new Sammy NX1 supposed to do 15 fps with 28mpx. I do not think the NX1 will disappoont on the sensor front...

I think Canon will lose huge market share by literally standing still after 5 years. Way to go Canon!

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