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Slapstick Noir: When Sony introduced their second "R" model in 2015 with more megapixels, they also introduced IBIS to help taming those millions hungry for light buggers.
Now Nikon upped their game with even more megapixels but w/o IBIS... makes one wonder: how many Nikkor's have the necessary VR or aperture stops to counter the the inevitable shaking. Or is this camera going to be 90% on a tri/monopod?! Their redesigned shutter and mirror may have resolved a specific telephoto lens scenarios problems they had previously with the D810, but what about the general handheld shake with the additional 9 megapixel?
I'm an ex-Nikon shooter who used to shoot with both D800E and D810, so don't tell me one needs to quadruple the shutter speed?!
Why isn't anyone talking about such an obvious problem!

The Northrups in their video also warn against lack of IBIS. The camera needs stabilized lenses, especially with zoom and the unforgiven amount of detail.

For all the ravings of this camera, there is little progress. IBIS is the way to go, IMO

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Michael1000: I have a Note 2. Fantastic phone. It still has features some new phones don't have. Finally, after almost five years, it has a problem with the audio jack, but the original battery is still going strong, and everything else works. It's finally time. I'll be getting the Note 8. I'm looking forward to the new cameras and 4K video.

I have used my Note 2 for appr. 4 years and replaced it with a Note 5. Huge difference in speed and capabilities, and I am sure this Note 8 will be another big step!

Lets see if this Note 8 can replace some scenarios where I use my E-M5.

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Use bracketing

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2111 comments in total)

How long until Nikon recalls this one? D600, D610, D750...

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stevevelvia50: Check out the high res mode of this camera, just Google "Pen F High res mode, Imaging Resource". Yes you need a tripod, but not necessarily a big heavy one. The test and results when compared to other cameras are impressive! Make sure you read and view the " whole" article and comparison photos!

Does the high-res mode makes bracketing (for more DR) obsolete as well?

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wondrouslightdotcom: I learnt long ago that telling people what to do is often automatically rejected. Sharing your knowledge and experience and letting people decide by themselves works better. This is what this writer is doing and I am glad if I can learn something new. I grew up near the Eastern Alps and have done a ton of activity there including long, high elevation treks, rock climbing and extreme skiing. I found that reducing the weight of the pack in any way and by any amount is always welcome. I still hike in rough terrain, snow and ice in NYS where I now live. For maximum portability, I carry 2 x EM5II (2nd body is mandatory) with very small Oly 9-18mm f/4-5.6, Pana 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 and 35-100mm f/4-5.6 lenses (I also own pro-grade M43 glass). Bottom line: with this compact setup I can make high quality 24x36" prints up to ISO400 and 16x20" up to ISO1600 (noise reduction in DxO OpticsPro) which is all-right with me. My equivalent Pentax APS-C system can do better but is way bigger and heavier.

I've taken an HDR of the Mont-Blanc at Punta Helbronner based on 5 bracketed shots with 1ev difference and printed on A2 sized poster. Perfect, and that with my E-M5 and kit lens.
I reckon it can be printed on A1 format as well without seeing too many blocks instead if pixels...

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Were there also shots taken with low ISO mode (100)? I presume it's on the Pen-F as it's on my E-M5, and it's a huge difference in noise when pulling shadows!

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Kabe Luna: The portrait is quite poorly focused. All the images are fairly soft and don't respond very well to sharpening. I'm unimpressed. I'll keep my D800.

It will certainly surpass it by that time...

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Zakzoezie: Be careful before bashing this thing, because there is a possibility that Nikon will come out with a surprise D850 at their 100 ann year. Just imagine they put in this thing a hybrid OVF/EVF and give us the OSPDAF capabilities (similar to the A7RII), that would be a complete game changer for the Nikon F-mount ... Having the possibility in 1 hybrid DSLR to choose between 1) a great mechanical shutter using OVF and 2) a great electronic shutter using EVF/backscreen (having focus peaking etc) would upper Nikon in the overall ranking :o) The question then remains if they will still add later on another "new mount line" on top that is "100% pure mirrorless" with possibility to design it lighter and more compact and compatible with existing Nikkors using adapter ... for the "younger smartphone" generation ;o) That would look like a decent strategy to me for Nikon to anticipate upcoming "mirrorless competition".

Impossible I think. They would never put in new technology when never used before, way too high risk.
Furthermore, Nikon has been too conservative like Canon.

Nikon however might decide to jump into curved sensors...

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I think its better also for Canon users to boycott big bulky outdated DSLR's and force Canon to come up with FF mirrorless designs, to counter Sony and provide more competition.

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On article Video: First look at the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (125 comments in total)
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Usmaniac: I just bought Canon 6D (predecessor) 1100$ is it worth it to deliver i back and go for the 6D mark ii ?

Get the 80D and fast lenses instead

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tassosDA: It's an entry level full frame camera. Price is reasonable, specs look good, handling is easy, what more do you want? Well done Canon, nice camera...

Specs are reasonable, price is bad

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2740 comments in total)
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love_them_all: After playing with the A9 for a while, going back to flipping mirror of the DSLR feels odd, no matter how high the frame rate is.

And 20 fps is not insane. In the near future I would like 30, 60, or even more fps on full res. I do not need it all the time but being able to take short burst in high speed video frame rate is very handy. This is the future of still photography in so many fields.

Samsung was on to something with its NX-1, but then made the disappointment of a lifetime by pulling it out of the market.

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On article Shooting experience: how the Nikon D7500 won me over (196 comments in total)
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R_U_Q_R_U: This article seems like it was written by a Nikon marketing rep.

I think so too.

Same with Iphone.

I think dpreview should also publish articles that people switched over to Panasonic or Olympus etc...

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1397 comments in total)
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photog4u: Consider this Christmas season you can get a:

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II + 25mm f1.2 Pro m43 for $3,199
Sony A7 Mark II + Zeiss 50mm f1.4 FULL FRAME for $2,996

I guess it really depends on whether or not you want the incredible light gathering capability and shallow depth of field that a great big full frame sensor provides or a tiny, albeit speedy sensor will suffice?

True, but that 25mm olympus lens is really darn good

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iamatrix: Now those pictures paint a completely different picture. The pixel level detail, colors, and tones IMHO are much better than even the well respected Sony A7 series, even if it can't quite match it in high ISO.

That is interesting, was maybe replacing my e-m5 with a7 for the next summer vacation. Now I am not so sure...

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This basically is an insult to Nasa who can't find anything (or does not want to find anything) and has to rely on consumer stuff to help the poor Nasa.

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Christ this is a stupid article, more like a sales talk. My respect for DPReview just dropped big time.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 makes leap to 20MP (167 comments in total)
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rarecoinman: Looking forward to the GH5 with this 20.3 and vlog. But I think Sony is going to pull off a right hook to the industry with the a7000, full articulated touch screen, 4k internal, rumored 28.4 sensor

And with bulky mediocre lenses. Woohoo.

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On article The big beast: hands on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 (1289 comments in total)

Quite a nice development from Panasonic.

Makes me qurious what Olympus will present. They HAVE to release at least the same sensor in their e-m1 mark 2 or Olympus will be dead in the water I guess...

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