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Photoman: Only 3-4 years too late. Old men should be replaced with young men/women with vision. You should not be forced in to a market, you should run at it.

Having a vision has actually nothing to do with age. Its daring to have a vision, thinking out of the box.

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US intelligency agencies: corruption and fake news. Nuff said

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teddoman: "Consumers buy Canon for the brand name, despite inferior dynamic range, 1080p, and only minor improvements each year."

[Photography enthusiast then walks over to Apple store and buys the latest iPhone]

I consider myself an enthousiast, but will never buy an iPhone that is overhyped and overpriced for the lack of functionality it offers compared to Android (and S-Pen)

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ozturert: Looks as good as an APSC sensor. It is strange actually. Performance of APSC sensors has stayed nearly the same since Nex7 (OK, some improvement but not huge) but somehow m43 sensors have been improved considerably. I think Sony has put too much effort to make its APSC sensors faster (although Sony also produces m43 sensors).
I am talking as proud owner of Nex7, A6300 (sold last week), EM1 II and EOS M5. EM1 II's low and high ISO performance is so close to A6300 that I sold A6300.

I also think the ability to have lower hase ISO is important. Even low ISO modes of my e-m5 (100) resulted in photo's where shadow's could be recovered much better.

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zubs: Apple promo

@fmaxwell, they should post articles when shooting entire episodes with competitors phones, and discuss the pros and cons of each brand.

This is really an Apple promo, its *that* obvious

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Can they please remove the LCD plate???

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Malikknows: I'm switching from the PS and LR for Affinity Photo. Simply don't want to pay month by month with no end in sight.

@HatWearingFool. In what way is it not so good?
What would you recommend apart from Adobe? RawTherapee?

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On article First iPhone X hands-on field test with sample photos (379 comments in total)

Clearly shows the huge bias towards Apple. There is even an exclamation mark at the end of the 1st paragraph for crying out loud.

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LV-426: Ok, so here are my thoughts: The picture quality from the PEN-F combined with this lens is incredibly impressive. 16 megapixels or not, the image quality IMHO is easily on par with most Crop and even some FF cameras under "ideal" situations. That being said I don't understand the Olympus price point: older models like the EM5 Mark II are still selling at the same price point as newer more modern Crop bodies, and while I do believe the 45 1.2 is going to be a stellar lens, this lenses comes in at a higher price point than the Fuji 50 1.2. I think Olympus could sell their gear like hot cakes if they simply lowered their prices to more reasonable numbers, but as it stands I think they are pushing themselves into a very crowded competitive space where m43rds does't have the market to survive..

Pen-F has 20 mpix

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SmilerGrogan: Finally! A camera-lens combo that reliably focuses on the surface of the eye rather than the lashes. Beautiful photos as well, the one of the kid doing his homework is epic.

A kid that is doing its homework is epic these days :-)

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goactive: Looks like a very good lens but the camera at iso 200 when you zoom in the noise is terrible in all the shadows areas. I could consider buying into this system just to use this lens but with this much noise no way. I have not seen that kind of noise in images in years from any of my Nikon cameras. They need a better body to put it on that has a base iso of 100 for portraits that is super clean.

Can the E-M1 mark 2 really use iso64 when it's Base iso is 200? I am already happy that my old E-M5 can use "low" iso 100 and it shows!

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This is what mobile devices need, realtime HDR support by sensors: https://www.43rumors.com/specs-new-sony-10-megapixel-four-thirds-sensor-surveillance/

Sony should be able to scale down such sensors...

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: :
I have an 8+. Improvements to the camera over the 7 are minimum at best. Bigger sensor? BS! The lenses on the 8 are EXACTLY the same size as before. If the sensor was indeed "bigger" the lenses would also have to be bigger to keep the same aperture & specs as before: AKA same 1.22 micron pixel pitch as far as I know at least till someone gets it physically out & compares it to the 7's. What makes the 8's experience "better" is the improved processing (hardware/software) and vastly improved CPU speed. And as for HDR, still better to actually turn the auto OFF in Settings & manually activate it ON when you take a photo, as too frequently it doesn't get activated because the "intelligent software" doesn't think it's necessary. Unfortunately the ON toggle is lost every time you close the camera app and reverted to Auto because people at Apple are retards.

The iPhone 7 was already a great camera (for a phone that is). The iPhone 8 is the SAME GREAT CAMERA, version 1.1. No less, no more.

And it is bested by Pixel 2 and certainly bested by Note 8

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On article Nine things you should know about the Google Pixel 2 (115 comments in total)

DPR has to mention that other Android phones like S8 and N8 can display HDR, long time before iPhones could.

Again DPR tries to sell iPhones.

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Improve performance of your software first, Adobe, then we'll talk

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Again an Apple iPhone advertisement attempt? People don't line up anymore to buy new ones, around the world.

Post articles that compares various high-end Androids against iPhones regarding 4k video capture and its possible use cases. Then and only then is it interesting...

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cdembrey: Always use the right tool for the job. For my job the Nikon D850 clicks NO boxes—not the right tool for anything I do. Sorry, but Amazon will NOT be selling one to me.

Are you looking for a "pocketable" FF camera?

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DxO might be a sales channel for lackluster sales of iPhone: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-22/its-not-just-china-no-lines-new-iphone-8-virtually-anywhere

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tedwill48167: I have the 7 Plus and I'm ordering the iPhone X. I also have the Fuji x100F and a couple of Canon DSLRs. I have a hard time distinguishing between the iPhone and the Fuji in terms of image quality with outdoor photos (and some indoor). I know there are use cases (low lighting, etc) where an APS-C camera will always win out, but the smart phones are really closing the gap. It's great that iOS devices compete neck and neck with Android to constantly improve the quality. We all win in the end.

You may want to visit an eye doctor?

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He should have learned from CIA how to fake like WMD in Irak, that got main stream media and the UN fooled.

It still is the modus operandi of the CIA or its 5th column

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