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108: I see one true real advantage of all these new phone cameras : holiday pics quality is going to significantly improve on Facebook , which will make it all so much easier to put a like on your best friends' shots without bad conscience...

Are you dominated by the wish to have fakebook likes? Is that your reality?

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Battersea: When will point and shoot or compact cameras feature computational photography in a greater way? Wouldn't a one inch sensor 24-120 compact camera like that be awesome?

They can contain CF when they jack up the price considerably, and nobody will buy them any more

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ThomasIII: A lot of misinformation here.

Pixel 2 camera sensor size = 1/2.55”.

IPhone Xs sensor size = 1/2.55”.

Pixel 2 camera is NOT better than Xs despite what ONE source said (theVerge).

DxO for Xs = 105.

DxO for P2 = 98.

DxO does NOT test 4k video.

Smart HDR on Xs is active in photo AND video (up to 4k30).

Smart HDR is NOT like Pixel 2 processing. Pixel 2 just controlled the highlights and added lots of contrast to give appearance of details (and lots of noise in low light). Smart HDR in Xs contols the highlights AND bring out the shadow...and has noise reduction both hardware and software.

Eventually, DXO is just a way of testing, not the most objective.

In any case, it will be interesting when they "test" the P3.

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Fly18: Niiiice. Just in time.
I just got my Z7 +2470+35mm.

Uninteresting comment

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On article What you need to know about the Fujifilm GFX 50R (237 comments in total)

Without new sensor tech, its a waste of time and money. Fuji had better wait for new sensors and/or use Samsung sensors...

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falconeyes: Glad to see such a nicely crafted ad for a photoshop competitor.
Great product. But 5 million USD in revenue (iPad only) so far is little to compete with against the billions Adobe is making.

As long as there is plenty of revenue, the product can be improved. That is my take.

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HaoAndHui: Is it still the Sony sensor, or from Samsung?

This got me thinking as well. Since Samsung pioneered using h265, this sensor might have been partly designed by Samsung

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I guess the new X-T3 can become a new hit and maybe takeover somewhat legendary status of the X-T2, judging by the rumoured specs.

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On article Using the Nikon Z7 vs. Nikon's DSLRs (36 comments in total)

DPReview, you are spending way to much time on these mediocre Nikon's.

Articles are absolutely not worth reading, in my opinion

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The model with largest internal storage also comes with 8GB internal memory?

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On article The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 takes aim at the iPad Pro (242 comments in total)
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gunkan: No matter the hardware, the Android heart is no rival for iOS.

Android is much more flexible. Just look at what you can do with Dex. Huawei offers the same desktop experience

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On article The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 takes aim at the iPad Pro (242 comments in total)
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Nukunukoo: Amazing hardware but Affinity Photo? Lumafusion? Procreate? And soon, Photoshop?

You can use this tablet or Huawei M5 pro with pen as digitizer when RDP client is run and connected to a desktop with Affinity Photo. Don't know wether that works smooth though...

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T7 sample gallery (86 comments in total)

Why does DPReview want to spend time, effort and money to testdrive this insignificant camera from Canon?

Too many non-sensical "upgrades" are put in the market...

Just my 2 cents

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Gal Root: Quick answer : No. It does not.
With algorithms like HDR+, cameras are becoming seriously outdated.
This is the lowest point cameras were in for years. Smartphones are advancing so fast and cameras (canon\nikon etc..) are stuck somewhere in 2014.
This sucks really.. I was looking for some compact zoom camera and they all produce awful dynamic range. I mean, my LG V30 with HDR+ blows them the hell put of the water.. I'm saying it because it is sad. CANON, NIKON, PANASONIC: Stop focusing on hardware! Software is the future. Just copy HDR+ algorithms like Samsung is doing. No shame in copying the best.

Premium systeem camera's and the conventional DSLR's also have multiple HDR modi and several bracketing options. Using this would widen the gap again between small sensors and larger sensors

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Body only price in The Netherlands is euro 2299

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On article Video: Canon shows off its new 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor (210 comments in total)

Nice sensor for some moiré effects :-)

Canon should better invest in generating real HDR with parallel readouts. Nobody has the processing power to handle 120mb pics let alone vids.

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The Davinator: If Canon can produce the camera with good ergonomics, decent sensor and AF, that may be an interesting addition to my Fuji gear.


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ttran88: Canon HQ: Hurry leak the rumors before A7III is released!!!

o wait...

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Yatin Chachad: First of all, this is just a rumour. Next, even if confirmed, and released tomorrow, this is just a gen one body with "held back" features. I can just about guarantee that based on Canon's past performance. Last, but not least, the sensor will still be 3 generations behind the "unequivocal and nothing held back" leaders in mirrorless in terms of performance. Sorry Canon. A little too little and a little too late.
Bottom line is, however, competition is still good for everyone.

I kinda expect it also. 6D mark 2 but then full frame variant with 4k photo and no 4k video, to not cannibalize their real video offerings.

On the other hand, they MUST deliver with good features...

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I assume (cough) that Samsung will implement manual control over aperture setting in their camera apps pro mode?

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