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Do you also do review roundups for other mobile phone manufacturers, or are more subjective towards the iphone?

I expect objective reviews and review approaches for all mobile phone manufacturers

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What exactly justifies this idiotic price point?

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No optical zoom and no newest sensor. A very much missed opportunity. That would have made a formidable mid-tier camera replacement

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IMO it also deserves a comparison with Affinity Photo. Hopefully someday I can swap Windows as main OS with Linux on my ryzen 1700 desktop, and run windows applications and maybe games with VirtualBox or Wine?

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Lol Twitter and Facebook. Those two including Google are part of the obviously existing globalist deep state a.k. NWO. They are here to censor us into oblivion.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H 4K sample reel (102 comments in total)

Dat video quality!

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Bigsensorisbest: Glad the author is happy but this looks desperate from nikon, I went mirrorless in 2016 and the days of a big mirror flapping about in my camera seem a long long time ago. Just giving Sony even more time to pull ahead, a really sad day from a user who grew up with F2s and F3s....

Panasonic has now some excellent full frame hybrid cameras. There is also Sigma and other competitors.

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Altruisto: If it's anything like firmware 3 for e-m1 mark2 in autofocus, it's really tempting. And for videographers who have a lot of m43 lenses, and who want autofocus, this is truly an excellent option. It has even something that we can't get in firmware 3 of e-m1 mark2, full HD at 120 fps for broll!

The quality and rendering of 4k video's needs to be reviewed. The quality of GH5 footage is significantly better than the E-M1 mark 2

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fPrime: Pleasant SOOC JPEG colors but too many of these shots look like they would benefit from more 3D separation.

Part of the problem is the unusually deep DOF inherent to Micro Four Thirds cameras, but the other problem is that many of the Olympus optics are over-engineered for sharpness in order to squeeze 20MP of resolution out of the small Micro Four Thirds sensor. This kills off some of the microcontrast.

Use RAW, plenty of details to be recovered. Also in my aging e-m5 the jpeg's are inherently soft

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On article Nikon Z50 pre-production sample gallery (DPReview TV) (20 comments in total)

Really second

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-A7 preview (113 comments in total)
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chadley_chad: Those images don’t look great; but that poor buffer just kills it dead! Think the intended market would be better suited with an RX100, Sony A6000 or Canon M6 (MK1 or MK2).

Hey...psssst...it isn't final firmware, like DPReview said

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I guess the 108mp will be divided into 4 main color layers?

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NovakM: 240mp.....

Very interesting camera.

What on earth are you going to do with 240mpx?

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8-bit, 100Mbps 4k video? Meeeeeh

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iAPX: Show us a real-world 64MP pictures taken on a sunny day, not a 2048x1536 twitter pictures or even the 4096x3072 version linked on another comment.
And we don't know how these have been processed: the lack of metadata is troublesome to say the least, as well as the marker on the picture.

Samsung have been caught many time using DSLR pictures to advertise their smartphone's camera IQ...

The same is true for other mobile phone manufacturers

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On article Samsung Galaxy S10+ sample gallery (266 comments in total)
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Jrt150: These pictures are so oversharpened. Very disappointing, I had the note 5 and now note 9, both look much better than this. Seems that Samsung's new phone cameras have actually gone down in quality.

I have the Note 9 and seeing too much over sharpening. Very sadly, Samsungs photo app doesn't let us change the sharpening...

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Nicolaso: Light, textures even movement look great.

The Troll trailer shows its deficiencies: the human facial expressions are far from being able to replace the real humans... at least for now

@nicolaso The human face has 100 muscles, not thousands. Nonetheless a huge amount compared to other parts. I have training with an optometrist and 15 minutes of facial muscle training can be exhausting.

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On article Gear of the Year 2018 - Carey's choice: Panasonic GX9 (305 comments in total)

I am put off by the overall darkness m43rd images get when taken. Its demotivating.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4477 comments in total)

Overrated score, not worth the money. Clear as daylight

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