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On article Canon EOS 5D IV: What you need to know (185 comments in total)

What does can't quite match resolving power mean in real terms? Not understanding this anti-alias filter, either. I own two 5D Mark III. Have had focusing issues with both. This is a primary concern of mine. Not sure wi-fi is state of the art either.

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avicenanw: Shame to have this turned into a political forum. This piece can be found elsewhere if anyone cares to read about it. DPR is not the place for it. What have this got to do with reviewing cameras and photography?

All art is political and photo j is as much of the scene as anything you shoot.

Link | Posted on Jul 26, 2015 at 12:24 UTC

Just to offer a different view, leaving aside my and Jon Stewart's abject hatred for the person, these images show a lot going on in a room with no windows. People stand close by to one another, with dry looks painted on their faces. And, Cheney, who brought this attack on and Condy, who could have stopped it, and that CIA jerk who didn't see it coming, all look uncomfortable. Some of the images look cooked. I think only those who haven't been in situation rooms like this would think it was business as usual. The state of calm posited by the writer gives theses players more credit than they deserve.

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On photo the embrace in the Gay love II challenge (5 comments in total)

This photo is terrific.

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more on strips

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On article Canon introduces 430EX III-RT Speedlite (100 comments in total)

Still cannot use the flashes with a sekonic light meter. I am so upset about this. Other than that, I have the 600s and the transmitter. Just fabulous.

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stawarz: So will this set a precedent whereby if an animal takes a picture of itself the photographer who's equipment took the image no longer assumes copyright? Now what happens to all the other wildlife pictures whereby they were triggered by the animal tripping a remote release and not by the photographer, have they in fact taken a selfie?

No analagous. The photographer conceived the idea.

Link | Posted on Aug 22, 2014 at 13:55 UTC

Very sad. Bad enough the stories don't spread the news anymore. Now no pictures, either. Soon, no comics. I know why. Went to photography school as a non-trad. Kids didn't read or write. Couldn't tell a story in words or pictures. Never saw one with a paper. They didn't know history or respect it. Just me, me, me. So, why have photojournalists if no stories can be told and if there were, no people would read or understand them.

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Enjoy Connect a lot. Think it informs about an area of photography's art and craft handily. Need to know about apps and gadgets for my phone and Ipad.

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Did they fix the tethered shootin?

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On photo _MG_4750-2K in the SIDE LIT MALE PORTRAIT "B&W" challenge (6 comments in total)

First, you have to find a person who looks like this who wants to be photographed. Strong. High ISO a challenge won by the shooter, as was the use of the 24 which didn't distort. High praise for this image and its maker.

Link | Posted on Dec 27, 2011 at 17:41 UTC as 1st comment
On article Canon updates EOS 5D Mark II firmware to v2.1.1 (17 comments in total)

Please help me. If I download the latest version, do I update all the previous updates or just the latest one?

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On article Editorial Lighting - The Minimalist Way (89 comments in total)

Well written, informative and inspiring. Building the scene. Have to learn this. Need to know so much to produce creative works. Not my look, but that's the point. I need a look. Sadly, every time I see what others do, I want to throw my lens into a fire and take up reading. Maybe not this time. Thank you very much.

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On photo cow tracks in the Cow portrait challenge (1 comment in total)

I took a workshop with Jay Maisel. Submitted a very strong image that I had worked hard to capture. He put it up on the screen for a tenth of a second and said, "it could have been worse."

Link | Posted on Sep 3, 2011 at 13:07 UTC as 1st comment
On article Leica launches M9-P professionally targeted rangefinder (100 comments in total)

If I had the money, I would buy this camera in a second and spend the rest of my life learning how to use it.

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