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Nope. I'll never take a bite. I'll continue to run with the version I have. I refuse to rent software from this company.
You know what is too bad? Adobe was the software that photographers always worked for to get. Invested time and money in. Now, it is going to cost the new guy so much more. I'm not talking the corporations, they will just pass on costs. I'm talking the guy that does this for the love. But you know, I take the picture, the software just helps me develop it. What I have now works just fine. I just saved myself $2400 over the next 10 years by not buying it. Time for another camera maybe :).

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pixel_colorado: This move will be a GREAT motivator for other companies to deisgn new software.

PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate for $70 is an fantastic piece of software and it's probably going to be developed even more now that Adobe pulled this stunt. If they're smart they will specify "No-Subscription Needed"!

I've used PaintShop Pro. It is a piece of cake to pick up and learn, and for the price...wow, it is a no-brainer in comparison.

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ssh33: Capitalism? I love capitalism! Capitalism is the the right to private property, the right to own. Adobe wants to take that right away from me. I can't own the tools I use, I can't even open my content that I spent countless hours on if I stop paying Adobe. In essence I don't own the fruits of my labor. Really?

What I CAN do is embrace the competition.

Here is a CONSTRUCTIVE suggestion: after a year of payments I own what I paid for - if I stop paying, you stop the updates. Fair?

You are so correct. What happens if an update comes out that you don't like or just plain sucks? The last version of Lightroom is slower than molases. If I was told I had to use that, I'd not be happy.

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This is not for me. I'm really tired of having to re-learn UI every time some software expert decides that this icon shouldn't be here, and this little gizmo should do this. That's why I spend the money upfront, and learn and use what I have. To bad Adobe has chosen this direction.

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I'm going to wait for all the beta testing and reviews come out on the finished product. LR4 has been a disappointment for me as to the speed. I'm not sure if I want to invest more money in an under-achieving piece of software.

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The Post clearly is only looking for sensationalism. They are disgusting. I also wonder where anyone else was to help this man? Were no New Yorkers around? The photographer for one is an idiot, but that does not excuse all other people.

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