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What about people and powers used against others.
I could name some of them,but i think those listed would not be a surprise.


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All what counts to me is real world photography, so far each camera I possess is capable of doing what I bought it for.

Believe me respect for other people choices/ preferences is not so difficult.

Constantly arguing is wasting your time and kills your creativity.

It's spring and I prefer to go out using any of the camera systems I have and enjoy.

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fiatLuxFoto: Photography; the only industry where people who pay ridiculous amounts of $$$ for equipment where the pay/salary is borderline welfare....For $3,000, you get minimal incremental value compared to other lenses, maybe and you get virtually no return on investment...Do you think anyone will notice any difference in lenses when they are looking at images on a computer screen? No?....Call me when they are printing on real paper in sized over 36 inches then we can compare. Until then this company's management needs to see a shrink.

Rolex/ Breitling and more vs my Casio edifice

All off them are accurate.... some buy cars others audio equipment / camera equipment and so on.

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keepreal: This lens at a monster price has no electronic connections with the camera. That is because it is designed for people without all the usual connections within their brains.

Maybe Donald will slap such a high tariff on Meyer that they cease trading with the US. He did say jobs at home first and that is one of the more sensible things he has said. I live across the pond but am equally against the global village wherever the fat cats reside.

Are you always rude and offensive to others ?

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Weldone Panasonic, to all use what you like and what ticks most boxes for you 😉👍

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Marquee: The vitriol against this camera release on this website is deplorable, what a bunch of sad haters. Its almost as if its some kind of sport, or maybe bots spouting this crap. Why would someone actually interested in this camera come here? Been on DPR since 2002, this is a new low.

The best you can do is... go out use your camera and forget about forums filled with so called "experts", the Internet is poison to creativity and civility.

Use what you like and enjoy your hobby no matter which brand you use and others think.

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LadislavCZ: DPreview PLEASE,
I am not sure if this on purpose.....

The table with the AF burst speed is incorrect still. Do we ever get this corrected PLEASE?
You compare apples to something else.

Those CANON AF burst speed values in the table are locked one while the other values from Pana/Sony anf Fuji are not locked. This is totally misleading and giving edge to Canon.

I already highlighted it before and suggested how this could be corrected. Nothing happend.

Also the release price of Sony A6300 was not 1150 but 1100 (not to mention current selling price is 899 mostly). You have this 1100 value under your own overview in the Cameras.

Should I expect quality of the articles will be going down that way going forward? I cant believe my eyes after being royal reader for more then 12 years.

It simply takes too long before errors are corrected

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Michael Ma: There's a growing trend for these small bodied high performance cameras burning themselves out in a very short amount of time for people who choose to work with it every day. For the working man/woman, you should really get a big camera from Nikon or Canon.

You're so right+the pro support during events is second to none which is important to many pro photographers.

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I don't give ......about such ratings no Pro will buy a new camera every year and same counts for maybe 80% of the owners of any brand.

This figures of BCN does not reflect global sales.

"Owh Owh" look at me my brand is the best selling one in Japan.

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I was waiting for the DL series (They did not come), so now I will hold my breath and wait till its on the market before I start to drove.

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lambert4: Why to people jump on a soapbox the minute a new item is announced. I loved my MILC for years before I just needed the skill set of the D500. I don't defend or discourage one over the other. If here is another player in the MILC game kudos for raising the bar! I still wish I had my EM1 and lens assortment, but for a few of my needs it just didn't mesh well, in fact my D500 has more faults but checks the boxes I need more regularly.

Different horses for different courses....

It's just rumored nothing else 🤔

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On article A letter from the Publisher (329 comments in total)

Best wishes to the DPR staffers for offering a free platform with lots of interesting digital related information.

However there's something that bothers me for quite sometime , I and think many with me have the impression that using the feedback option often stays unanswered or it takes to long before someone is getting an answer.

Moderation is having to much differences how moderators act on simulair situations, I do realise they are volunteers and not on the DPR payroll but I think it needs some work (better monitoring) of there actions.

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The user group has changed, youngsters use their mobile phones as the center of the day, clicking and then sharing on Facebook and a likes, I think it's save to say that 98% of the youth will make their first image/ Photo with a smartphone and never look any further as it serves their needs "look at me world" selfi number xxxxccccx is made.
We are a dying breed of fossils IMHO.

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Never lost a card it's easy to store a bunch of them in my photo jacket or camera bag, sorry to say I won't have the need or usage for it.

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