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Daft Punk: Can someone with more experience of this camera comment if the FW improvements have made the camera easier to use?

I handled the X1D around launch and it seemed clunky, sluggish and unfinished to me.

Have the FW changes made it a more satisfying thing to use?

Previous firmware updates made it much less clunky and error prone and added some important features. It’s still not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination, but it is now quite satisfying for landscape and studio work. It’s even usable for street photography, though it’s not likely to be the best option for that kind of work.

The ergonomics are great. User interface is great. Image quality is fantastic, even at high ISO. The camera is tiny for a bigger-than-full-frame chip. Lens quality is superb, though the lineup is still limited.

The downsides are slow startup, slow AF (at least it’s accurate), and lack of advanced features and even a few basic features Very much a specialist type of camera. If you want something for landscapes, particularly if weight is an issue, or for studio work it’s a great option. Even astrophotography is a good fit. Reportage? Sports? Wildlife? Street? Don’t Even think about it.

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I don't plan on getting one, but I have never understood the level of animosity towards most Leica products. Most of it, I think, comes from the fact that their cameras never offer good "value". They don't try to. Their cameras are generally specialized. It makes it very easy to discard their offerings based on spec sheets. Problem is, virtually all cameras these days are competent in the majority of circumstances.

The T/TL cameras have always been quite adventurous i their approach to controls, and I don't think Leica has yet nailed it, but they are, at least, producing a camera that is right where it should be in terms of megapixel count and (presumably) chip performance, has a good screen, has an optional EVF (I don't mind the space savings of it being optional), has a unique perspective to camera control that will appeal to many, and is responsive enough for most situations. I like it. I know from experience the lens quality is fantastic. It's a nice evolution.

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Magnar W: A camera built to last for hundred of years, with an already outdated sensor? ;-)

Hardly outdated. Perhaps not the class leader in terms of noise, but close enough that I certainly wouldn't call it outdated. Very few companies use their own sensors in their bodies, including Leica, and they bought what they felt was the best model for their requirements. They would need a company that would work with them on micro lens design, thickness of cover glass, etc. in order to maintain 'M' lens compatibility, and that would limit their options somewhat.

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Why is it people seem to feel that a product that isn't right for THEM is necessarily a bad product?

With the SL Leica has:
* The beginnings of a modern AF system
* A platform for people with 'R' lenses
* A professional grade 35mm camera with weatherproofing, dual card slots, GPS, WiFi, etc.
* A competitive autofocus system
* Profile support for a vast world of 'M' lenses
* A modern sensor with good high ISO performance--better than many cameras currently used by professionals
* Solid build quality
* A unique user experience that may or may not be to your taste
* The best EVF currently on the market with all its associated pros and cons
* A maximum frame rate of 11fps

Just buy the camera that will let you take the pictures you want to take. By that measure, the Leica SL may well be the perfect camera for many--especially photographers who have been waiting for a platform for their arsenal of 'R' lenses for almost twenty years.

- Jared Willson

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