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Could be a SONY RX1 killer! Together with a wide and a tele converter à la X100F it could be the perfect traveller and streetfotographer tool! We'll see what it is all about when it is out!

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All in all a disapointment! Not at all what I expected. A clear downgrading! No weathersealing, miserable batterylife, a typical system-entry-camera. I have no idea to what extend Panasonic does reshuffle its cameralines but It will be most probably a longer process. I'm also sure they dumped the idea to develop the LX 100 further!

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Price is high, but build quality too. For whom is the camera meant? For people who don't want to carry tonnes of lenses with them and still need to cover a long range and don't intend to buy every year the newest. Travel, wildlife, all purpose, family etc. I use a FZ 1000 and a X100T and don't need anything else for the time beeing.

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The optic is miserable, one of the worst ever produced with the label Leica. Then why a 16 MP sensor which delivers only 12MP? I think the LX 100 will never have a successor. Since 2 years people are waiting for a replacement (LX200) but nothing comes! This line is dead! Sony is the only one which managed to pack in a small body what is needed. But also there we have issues like overheating and very short batterylife. The LX 100 is only something for Vloggers.

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It is meant as a marketing hoax! A bad one which will hurt the community there. The fotoban will be lifted quick because it violates our constitution and laws.

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The new X100F is a step in the right direction, but I miss 5 axis stabilisation, weather sealing and 4K at least on the same level as the X-T2. I keep my X100T and wait what comes after the X100F resp. what Panasonic offers hopefully once with a much improved LX200 (should have much of the FZ2000).

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As a traveller, hiker/sailor I have a Fujifilm X-100T and use it evey day. But it is true 16 MP are at at lower end. Hope the new X-100? will get the X-pro2 sensor with 24MP and will be weathersealed. I also have the Panasonic FZ1000 and should choose the LX 200 if ever available with 20+MP, beeing weathersealed and because of the sumilux lens and it's small size and video capabilities!

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Any news about the crazy mirror flapping issue with the K3?

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