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Benarm: Any real-world comparisons of the improved noise reduction against the previous DxO version and competing products?

I found one example at the end of this article,

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CameraLabTester: For those wondering where the "Leaf" came from:


Maybe not to you, but I think it is a problem for someone who lost a family member or a friend through an Israeli attack.

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DancingPhotoPanda: I have to say I find it completely hilarious that so many people are complaining that a camera which costs ~$4150 with a $600 battery grip that needs lenses in the neighborhood of $1000 dollars to take full advantage of the sensor is now going to be about $300 more.

You're the same people who are on here bitching every day that nobody should need files that big because your 10 year old computer won't even process 10MP raws quickly, and about how the new Canon doesn't have enough megapixels, and how the NEX7 has too many megapixels, and about everything else that comes along, ad infinitum.

Nobody cares. Kill yourselves.

Beautifully said.

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