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Jonathan Brady: Between this reticle and the review, it's pretty clear where DPR stands on the 6D Mark II... Unless you're IN LOVE with Canon or are looking for a backup body, then pass on the 6D Mark II. Better choices are the 80D (better value = invest in lenses) or another brand's entry or even mid level FF (because the price is the same or lower for better tech/results).
I have to agree. In terms of benefits for consumers, the 6D Mark II is a rather narrowly targeted camera. Very few people are better off choosing it over something else. Unfortunately, most people won't bother to educate themselves regarding the options and/or they're so married to the brand that they can't wrap their heads around the fact that they're paying more for less.

@Marty4650 - That's my theory with the Nikon D7500: it was designed to sell more D500 cams. Funny though, I haven't heard the word "crippled" in reference to the 6DII as much as I've heard it in relation to the D7500. I don't know what to think about the 6DII.

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Ken Aisin: Enough coverage of the D7500 already.... No matter how you look at it, it is a downgrade from the D7200, and a rip off for $1250 USD.

Ken + 1

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Sergey Borachev: Any time you take somethIng away when you "upgrade" a model or when you offer a "higher" model (even if it's just higher in model number), it's an automatic fail. No amount of marketing, publicity or salvaging by way of more comparison articles can save it.

Sergey +1

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And DPR is posting this story why?

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I'm all for this if it reaches future smartphones. Nevertheless, this low light photography must be used by capable hands (or better yet, tripod. I'm reminded of the crappy images Apple CEO Tim Cook uploaded to social media from the Super Bowl a few years ago...)

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The DPR headline image would seem to imply that iPhones are acceptable cameras to the NYT?

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What is the main factor here, the Chinese knock-offs?

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EVF = no more chimping!

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Apple and Nike are master marketers with not-so-innovative products. Simply convey the perception of "cool", "fashion", "hip", etc., and you can sell boatloads of overpriced products. (Written on my iPhone6, my LAST Apple product).

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david vella: Nikon currently appear all over the place with their product lines . Pro / prosumer DSLRs okay, but updates needed. The rest , nowhere .

Nikon is in turmoil and cannot move forward for looking back , but in totally the wrong way . Instead of reinterpreting the best of their history they are stuck with the end of the road 'F' mount.
There is no viable way a modern mirrorless DX/FX mirrorless system can retain the old mount and flange distance without serious compromise which would be pointless against the competition.

Clean sheet of paper thinking and a reinvention of what Nikon stands for in the 21st Century is the only way out of their dilemma.
Look what Fuji /Sony/ Olympus /Panasonic have achieved in less than six years with a fresh start approach , why not Nikon too.

I agree. It seems Canon's dropping the old FD mount in favor of the EOS mount in 1987 was a wise move in retrospect. The Nikon F mount has served Nikon well for 50+ years, but it is time for Nikon to establish a new platform. The very lens mount that has taken the Company this far could one day become a liability.

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Well Canon shouldn't have much trouble maintaining #1 since Nikon has so badly stumbled recently. Seriously, Canon menus are a joy to use (for me) and I wish I could say the same for some of their competitors.

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Mako109: These guys ever wear anything but black suits? Even casual photos of managers at work show them wearing black suits.

Yeah, they don't dress at all like Tim Cook at Apple, do they?

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digitallollygag: I think their effort in future mirrorless products is worthwhile, but how is a focus on mid-to-high tier DSLRs presumably with OVFs and flapping mirrors a winning formula? Much of the world has moved on.

@ Will B Milner... No Nikon Management mentality is bizarre. If they were an American company the top brass would've been escorted out of the building long ago.

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I think their effort in future mirrorless products is worthwhile, but how is a focus on mid-to-high tier DSLRs presumably with OVFs and flapping mirrors a winning formula? Much of the world has moved on.

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Tan68: Perhaps overuse of 'special' was intended to be only humorous.

A couple slides in, the article reads more as mockery or sarcasm. By the end, it reads a little mean.

@ Barney Britton... You did a great job on this article!

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EricWN: Sure, anybody reading camera news recently knew that Nikon had a hard time, but the writing style of this piece is unnecessarily unprofessional. Might be great for the Onion, but I would have not expected less of a negative attitude.

I like DPR's snarkiness in this article, Nikon deserves it.

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photomedium: Ok Nikon is in bad shape. Fine. So, if you are Nikon CEO what do you tell your guys to do? Not show up at CP+ at all? Commit seppuku? What?
Suggestion box for Nikon.

@samfan... I agree. My brother worked for a small camera store in the late 1980's. When it came to flooring product and sales volume expectations, Canon and Minolta were relatively easy for the store owner to deal with. Nikon was demanding and difficult to deal with, almost arrogant. Yes, companies must have a healthy balance sheet and please their shareholders. Yet, much of Nikon's predicament now is because they didn't listen to more than a few end-users and focus groups.

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On article OPPO to announce 5x zoom smartphone technology at MWC (65 comments in total)

When this makes it into widespread smartphone production then I can finally retire the Canon ELPH 350HS; the lack of "optical" zoom is the only thing holding me back from switching completely to smartphone camera for casual snapshooting. Just my opinion, I think this will be the final nail in the 1/2.3" sensor point-and-shoot market.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (245 comments in total)
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Mike FL: Throwback, NIKON released three DL a year ago.

You're funny!

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On article Archos to make Kodak-branded Android tablets (142 comments in total)

Will they offer a "Kodachrome emulsion" shooting mode with the camera function?😀

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