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Glad I bought the T20 with tilting touch screen and didn't wait for this one. The leather case came for free and makes the handling perfect for me. Feared a bit for the EVF with my spectacles, but turned out to be more than ok.

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On article Leica M10 firmware arrives with major bug fix (59 comments in total)

@Impulses I'm only a Belgian from the North...

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On article Leica M10 firmware arrives with major bug fix (59 comments in total)

Thank God for this update... but what a pity I'm a bit short in cash to buy that faster SD card. Maybe I can take it out my e-reader...😵

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Androole: $5000 for 1, and 2 for only $10,500. Boy, what a deal you get buying in bulk!

In bulk they come with two cases. Read more carefully. But, agreed, 250 for a case seems expensive...

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AdrianPocea: a bit of footage after using GH5 in high frame rates(both 180p and 60p 4k) in real world, real situations. Vimeo compression took away some quality, but you can still get an impression. If you have 3 minutes, enjoy


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Knap! Great pictures, Kevin!

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Denny Pritchett: I have one of these on order, plus a variable strength ND, stereo shotgun mic, and a 128gb class 3 SD card, and if I keep the camera, I'll get a Nissin i40 flash with wireless capability. I've read all the reviews and comments I could find, and I've decided to try this. I just sold a Nikon D7000, and a Nikon D7100, plus a bag full of lenses, which replaced 2 Olympus E-M5s and lenses that I used for 2.5 years. I became disillusioned with M4/3 because there isn't a long lens available with acceptable image quality for nature/wildlife, and only the very latest, top of line, most expensive camera bodies have acceptable focus tracking for action, and even they are suspect. The 100-300mm Panasonic, the 70-300mm Olympus lenses are not fast enough, and like all entry to mid-level lenses of that focal length in any brand suffer terribly from softness and poor IQ at the longer focal lengths; I've tried most of them.

I think the FZ1000 is going to put the fun back into photography for me.

What about you Smaug1? Did you buy it? And what's your experience?

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Macist: Without GPS, this is NOT a travel camera.

Not in 2016, anyway.


Very nice, I took pictures of my PC screen in order to remember how it was done; this way I can do something similar when we did our first 'far' family trip to Sri Lanka! Can you give me tips about the GPS tracker? Brand? Model? Should have that too!

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