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Disabled veteran, and I am in a place in my life that I can do whatever I want. I am a semi-pro photographer living my dream


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cosinaphile: the idea of this much power welded to a display that seems to be un upgradeable

and possibly glued shut [really???].... strikes me as simply absurdist and unnecessary another "my way or the highway" technology mandate dealt to its parishoners .... i was all ready to proclaim this really great ,[ if to dear perhaps}

but a glued shut [ what???!!! \ welded to a display \ seemingly un-upgradeable \ 5000 dollar, [lowest spec-ed apparently? ] machine fills me with sadness.....sigh ..


I haven't found an Apple product yet that can't be opened with the proper tools

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(unknown member): Ever heard about people buying Apple iPads, phones second-hand, then finding out the thing is locked and can't be unlocked except with the permission of the original owner? Do people really want cameras showing up on Ebay and in stores like this?

I can unlock any iPad or iPhone, but the original owners information would be erased and the device could be used by anybody

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entoman: Lots of useful advice there.
Fantastic Namibian landscape.
Just wish I could afford to hire a helicopter and have a chance at images like that!

Here in Los Angeles helicopter rental starts at about $50/hr, for aerial photography, not real expensive.

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Codik: I love dpreview, but could you please start reviewing bags people might actually use? I see three main categories:
1. Bags to carry a lot of gear from your home to the hotel;
2. Bags to carry a camera, a bit of gear, and some stuff you need for the day (book/water/map).
3. Bags to go hiking with, to carry all the things at 2 plus 30l of stuff you need for the hike.
Also, reviewing a bag properly requires days and days of use. The experience of someone using a bag for a year or more would be priceless.

I use regular backpacks and supply my own padding, it's more comfortable and easy to carry. The Camera Backpacks are more like Backpacks for school Packs.

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Photoshop Elements has an excellent youtube channel to help the elements user accomplish almost anything the program is capable of doing. Excellent article though helping me expand my knowledge of a seemingly endless learning process with Photoshop. I do what makes me and the customer happy and that is all that counts in my photography, everybody is an artist in their own way

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thanks for the posts, I hope you guys have a great holiday

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