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It reminds me of my K-5.
Built like a tank, felt great in the hand and supper quiet shutter.
Always said that if I must, I could bludgeon a person to death with it with no injury to the camera.
Never crazy about its video, focus or color (jpeg and raw) - colour for our Canadian friends.
My new X-T4 is not up to the bludgeoning capabilities but resolves all of the others.
Even the X-T4's shutter is much quieter.
I do miss the K-5's grip though but pretty takes work.

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Holger Bargen: Dear dpreview team!

You wrote: "Ricoh / Pentax - Pentax, we need to be careful what we say here...
We admire your loyal customer base, and we respect the way that many of them react to anything short of uncritically gushing praise for their favorite camera maker with... let's say... passion. But we're also terrified of them."

I am one of those who "terrify" you - but this is not my aim.
All I want is fairness. I want a fair view on Pentax products and I want a fair view on your reviews.

To keep fairness we have to base our wording on facts. And here we may have the core of our problem - we refer to different facts which both are true but address to different sides of the coin.

e.g.: I can understand your rating if you refer to JPG output out of the camera. But since many years experts give advise to go the RAW way - and I do so and from this point of view I come to completely different conclusions than yours.

My aim is not to terrify but to clarify!

Best regards

I have been a Pentax user for 19-1/2 years. Still chugging along with the rock solid K-5. It does suck for video and AF. Also hate having to correct color every time I turn it on.
I will buy a Fujifilm X-H2 if the battery is better, full articulating screen and X-T3 improvements are included.

I don't think Ricoh has Pentaxians in their best interest and will probably kill it off in the near future. The other companies (Sony) are too far ahead now.
Bought a S6000 and sold it - just don't care for Sony.

Now hear comes the hate :(

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checks almost boxes except some important ones
* battery life
* no in body stacking probably due to X-trans ( I know, a little "complainy"
* supposedly not too good with focus accuracy
* tilt screen is 2 axis

I am saving up but the reduced price OMD EM 2 is a hard counter

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DOF looks about right for .95 but bokeh looks a bit yuk.
For that price, you can buy a used Pentax medium format and get that look if that is your thing.

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Brandon84: uh...Who cares??

I don't think the regular ol' black T6 was received with any real love.

Just saying.

I feel your pain. I have always been a pentaxian. If they could improve their focus up to Canon levels they would literally crush their competitors due to accurate focus and other factors such as quality, customization, great IBS and weather sealing. I have been waiting a long time for speedy focus. Hopefully they team up with Panasonic - they seem to have it figured it out. Good luck with Canon, they seem content riding along as the premier but don't seem to innovate much these days. Although their sensors have improved greatly recently.

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Grig: I don't see destruction compared to FZ1000... Sorry... May be good idea to change it to "outperforms" or something like it if you really think so, but not destroys for sure... But to me FZ Leica lens is sharper and less CA... Especially on the sides at F8 at 400mm

Sorry Barney, I usually side with you. "Destroy" does tend toward "professional wrestling" descriptions. Besides, a 2-3 year old $800 bridge should be "destroyed" by a $1500 new tech piece.

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justmeMN: Oh darn, I thought that "one for the history books" would mean a week in which DRP didn't mention a Sony camera. :-)

don't be angry that Sony is active/hungry
Blame your own C&N for their no fun, high $ black boxes
Glad to see that Pentax/Ricoh is active.
K-1 looks like a lovely cam and I'm saving for one. More glass please!

Remember- if we are only stuck with two.
we get right wing nut jobs and left wing nut jobs.
That's why I lean Pentax, Oly and Panny

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fakuryu: Am I only the one here who read the article in Barney Britton's voice?

big Lebowski
or star man
now trying to save $1800 - don't tell my wife

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mosc: Very pretty. I agree $1,200 seems like a lot for a m43 body. 7dmk2's $1,500 and Samsung NX1's even cheaper. A good bit more than things like the 70D, D7200.

Very pretty though. Love the control layout. Wow.

There is so much parity with these cameras that they are resorting to form over function.
This one doesn't look comfortable in the hand for an extended shoot.
I like the 5 axis but these days and at that price point a 4/3 should have better video and focus speed.
I wonder if they are going after the frugal Leica shopper.
How many of those are there?

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On article Here at last: Nikon announces D500 (1157 comments in total)

860 grams / 1.9# seems fun to lug around ;)
FYI, that's w/o a lens
I'm guessing this is military grade?
I know the US Army likes Nikon - maybe this is for them?

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people keep writing about a light saber.
I would pay >$500 for a working light saber but not so much for a flash light.
There are much cheaper ways to highlight a subject. However, it does look snazzy!

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ChristianRock: This is what we have been waiting for, for years :) I think Pentax does it right in terms of giving their customers a well thought out tool that is a pleasure to use and gives great results.
It's too bad that this took so long, if Pentax hadn't been taken over by Hoya in the 2000s and almost shut down by them, they would be much further ahead in the game at this point. Ricoh saved not just the brand but the Pentax way of doing things - out of the box yet friendly :)

Hoya did give us the k-5
Let's not be so quick to judge

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On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 (345 comments in total)

I can see why Ricoh kept its name off this offering

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Arsen: I just picked up mine about an hour ago.. Must say for a small camera the image quality is very good. Still no comparison to my Nikon D800E , but for a light camera has lots of features that my wife wanted in a small package. Overall very satisfied with it. I bought it with the kit lens, Ok overall, but like the compact size. The reason that I bought this camera was to use it when my D800E would be too big to take along. Its hard to sacrifice great IQ. So Far I am quite impressed, but time will tell based on various shooting conditions..

Just out of curiosity, when is your D800E not too big to take along?

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On article Fujifilm X-T1 Review (655 comments in total)
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mosc: What's the next review on tap? Should be G1X-ii (however the hell you want to abbreviate that)

Next is the GH4 and A7s. Are you not paying attention?
These reviews will certainly be quicker than the K-3

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Too bad it's not available for Pentax. This with the K-3's sensor and IBIS would make for a great portrait rig.

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Dpreviewmember: it's just me or the OMD M1 jpegs, up to iso 3200 & 6400 look nicer than K3 and X-T1 in the image comparison tool, contrary to what the review conclusion says.
Is it referring to Raw ?

That's because they have to.
Data takes time.

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Well played DPR. Placing it in the retired category of your semi-pro, you essentially compare it to 4 year old cameras. Hell hath no furry like a p.o. Canikon

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Dpreviewmember: it's just me or the OMD M1 jpegs, up to iso 3200 & 6400 look nicer than K3 and X-T1 in the image comparison tool, contrary to what the review conclusion says.
Is it referring to Raw ?

Are you referring to the masses? Not sure the masses could understand half of what this camera does. The "majority" also shoots solely in green mode and their only lens is a plastic kit lens. (just ask the Rebel fan base)
However, Jpeg is handy in a pinch and DPR is correct in complaining about Pentax's "Bright" default setting.

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Underdog 3000: I can tell DPR is a fan of the X-T1. Now that they have such emphasis on video, I wonder how it would score?

Sorry, maybe too much sarcasm.

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