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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (389 comments in total)

No way the D500 gets close to the image quality of D750. Also the shutter vibration issue is not something one should decide about which camera to use - an FX or DX. D500 vs D750 - which one to choose is like Mars or Earth, which is better? Both are planets (cameras), both are whirling (taking photos) they are even part of the same solar system (Nikon), perhaps also have other somewhat similar qualities (gravity, rounded shape.....). But still way too different to be compared in terms of "which". D500<->7D2 (dx), or D750<->5D3(fx) would be much more appropriate :)

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On article Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax 645Z (249 comments in total)
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j1000k: Not surprising that Nikon stated it had no fear of it, by the limitations of the tool, AND the target buyer. Most people don't have a lot of professional experience medium format, and this article illustrates that. You don't shoot a medium format camera wide open with a 55 2.8 like ever, especially hand held. Some of the issues with shooting hand held could be solved by stopping down. When I was learning the craft I worked with one photographer who shot a manual focus Hasse with an eye level prism handheld with an 80mm stopped down usually to 5.6 or 8, another who used an equiv focal length TLR with an eye level prism stopped usually to 5.6. The Mamiya was the easier camera to use because you could focus it with relative ease in any ambient, the Hasse more beautiful. Either way the only reason either camera was usable hand held was because it was stopped down. I'd be interested to hear what people who used it's predecessors professionally for social photography think of the 645Z.

Can you please further specify the issues (other than manual focusing - if you decide to use it) with shooting at F/2.8 with 645z? Many thanks.

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On article Pentax 645Z added to studio comparison database (141 comments in total)

Sample images aside.. whenever you have a chance to try shooting with this camera, just do it. I though I knew it all with FF-s from Canon, Nikon and Sony. 645z starts a whole new world.. And for anyone arguing the price is too high: after trying the camera you'll most probably say the price is too low :) With regards to beaing weatherproof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSpgAOShnZY

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (372 comments in total)

I had it ;-P

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I once picked up Pana FZ-10 12x 2.8 superzoom offering decent image quality despite its small sensor - the glass was just SO good. Even the video was available these days, I could shoot 320x240pix MOV clips with mono sound. Now, ten years and three months later, I can see a reason to upgrade :-) And what an upgrate it is.. however, as everyone else here in Dpreview, I also have a dream.. I wish the lens were covering smaller range, therefore being a tad brighter at long end - 28/2.4-120/3.5 would be perfect (and should technically be achievable without the lens being too heavy/large).

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review (503 comments in total)
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mosc: I think the RX10 is overpriced. The lens is great but in a few years it can't be used with a newer 1" sony sensor that offers new things like 4k video or real action tracking on-chip PDAF. If they make an RX20 one day, you'll have to re-buy the lens. Maybe it'll be a little longer at tele or a little lighter but your old glass is throw away. Usually, fixed glass comes at a discount. No mount to deal with, the lens can have fewer compromises, saves money. That makes up for it. This one doesn't seem to have that.

You can't find 1" lenses that compete with this but there are plenty of APS-C sized lenses that do. The article lists a couple, the EF-S 18-135 and the very impressive sony E 18-105. There's also the 18-200 sigma that just came out which is under a pound and has 11x instead of 8x range and usable macro. The dimensions of the RX10 isn't revolutionary either compared to one of those lenses attached to a small camera. Several combos come out LIGHTER than the RX10, all are CHEAPER.

RX10 is a black horse, as was R1 at 2005. R2 never came out (who knows the reasons?), so maybe there never will be RX20 as well. At the end, RX10 seems a nice tool (as was R1 despite heavy criticism about the sensor "aging" since the lens was not detachable (but what a great lens)), so kudos to Sony for its braveness to come to the market with something completely different.

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Samsung has some excellent primes out there with a reasonable price tag - 30/2, 85/1.4, 16/2.4, etc; many NX system users were missing the "bright" (usually considered /2.8) standard zoom - here we go with not only F/2.8, but /2.0 at the wider end. And the funky viewfinder of NX30 - whoa! Neat stuff! Considering the background of the company (deep pockets + superb electronics), I guess Nikon/Pana/Oly engineers can't have much of rest this year to keep up!

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Wow, 100+ comments so far, seems a popular unit. Have been using this for more than five months now (first rented for test,,) For me the main reason is the excellent sharpness at F/2.8 @ 70mm.

Vibration Control works fine with videos, does not work fine with fps shooting (I guess the stabilizer has no time to find a "stable" position between shots). Since the FF body is heavy and stable, as well as my hands, the VC is always turned off (except videos). At a positive size, VC works fine at single shot mode (so no continuous).

CA sometimes a problem at corners with high contrast (direct sunlight), even at F/9. Depends on certain situation (angle, subject) though.

Corners are softer than on Canon 24-70 /2.8.

AF is silent, smooth, fast, accurate - could not dream of better.

Glass is so good that it outperforms 21mpix easily. Would like to hear from Nikon D800 users - has anyone had a chance to test this lens with 38mpix?

Other than that, the lens is a real honey.

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